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Lavina Superabrasive Two Button QuickChange Tools for Soft Concrete Grinding, Yellow

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Lavina Superabrasive Two Button QuickChange Tools for Soft Concrete Grinding, 30 Grit, Yellow
Item # DT-LVQC2S30-EA
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  • For soft concrete
  • Standard size
  • Two button
  • 10 mm thickness
  • Available in multiple grits

Product Information

Superabrasive QuickChange tooling does what the name implies: changes out quickly to minimize your downtime and improve productivity rates. Instead of buttons that are welded to single-use disposable plates, the QuickChange system features replaceable trapezoid-style pads that easily slide in and out of a reusable plate with no bolting required!


Superabrasive QuickChange tooling is ideal for concrete at all hardness levels: extra hard, hard, medium, or soft. 

  • Soft concrete is considered to be that with a PSI less than 2,500
  • Medium concrete ranges between 2,500 and 4,000
  • Hard concrete is considered to be that with a PSI greater than 4,000


QuickChange tooling can be mounted directly to the new LAVINA S series machines on new floating heads, so QuickChange plates are not needed for these models. S series machines will still require foam plates for attaching Velcro-backed tooling, and there are special foam plates designed specifically for S machines.


LAVINA PRO and SPS machines will still require QuickChange plates for mounting QuickChange tooling. Plates for PRO and SPS machines are not compatible with plates for S series machines.


Helpful tip: We recommend using two button QuickChange trapezoid pads on only the heaviest of machines, such as LAVINA 32-S. For lighter machines, unless a special application requires something different, we recommend single button QuickChange tools. 



More Information
Color Yellow
Brand Superabrasive by Lavina
Category Diamond Segments
Bond Hardness Soft
Condition new