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Advanced Protector

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Advanced Protector (1 GL)
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Advanced Protector (4 GL)
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  • Repels oil-and water-based spills for easy cleaning
  • Easily apply using an inline sprayer; no dilution or mess
  • pH: 5.5–8.0
  • Safe for stain-resistant carpet
  • Dilute 32 ounces per gallon of water

Product Information

Enjoy Long-Lasting Protection from Spots and Spills on All Fiber Types!


Advanced Protector is a fluorocarbon water-based formula that protects carpets from wet and dry soil. It forms an invisible shield around each fiber that resists soils and stains, keeping all types of carpet and upholstery looking its best day after day.


A Brand Your Customers Know and Trust
Advanced Protector is a name your customers already know and trust. They’ll have confidence in the product as well as the cleaner who applied it!


Protect Against Oil- and Water-Based Stains
Advanced Protector repels both oil- and water-based stains from food, cooking grease, outdoor soils, and more. Spills bead up on the surface of the fiber, making it easy to blot them up before they soak in.


You’ll also discover that subsequent carpet cleanings are much easier on carpets where Advanced Protector has been applied. Soils release easier, which reduces cleaning time and labor.


Use on Multiple Fiber Types
You can confidently offer Advanced Protector with every cleaning, on all types of carpet and upholstery—even on fibers with mill-applied protection! This product is excellent for use on olefin, polyester, and triexta fibers (which all have an affinity for oil).


Responsible Chemistry
Advanced Protector contains no PFOA, no CFCs, and no harsh solvents. Its newly redesigned chemistry leaves an improved environmental footprint behind.


Concentrated, High-Coverage Formula
One gallon of concentrated Advanced Protector makes approximately 5 gallons of ready-to-use product, which is enough to cover 1,200–2,400 total square feet!


One RTU gallon will cover 240 square feet of high-pile residential carpet or 480 square feet of low-pile commercial carpet.


Grow Your Business with an Easy Add-On Sale
Advanced Protector is a great profit-boosting add-on for any professional cleaner. You can ask for the order with confidence, knowing that this product WORKS and is of VALUE to your customer.


Maximize your profit potential by offering carpet protection to your customer multiple times:

  • When the job is scheduled
  • When you arrive on the job
  • When you are through cleaning


Note: Freeze/Thaw stable



Application for Carpets

Advanced Protector is applied after a carpet has been properly cleaned. It is applied with spray application, dries quickly, and leaves no odor.

1. Use any good quality, electric or hand-operated, clean low-pressure sprayer. Stainless steel or plastic tanks are recommended to prevent rusting or staining. Use a #8004 Tee Jet nozzle. Spray pressure should not exceed 60 psi. Do not aerosolize or atomize this product.

2. Hold the spray nozzle 12-18 inches from the carpet, and apply half of the prepared mix over the entire carpet area, spraying in one direction only. Then apply the other half over the entire carpet area, spraying in the opposite direction.

- Be certain to maintain enough spray pressure to ensure a uniform spray pattern.
- If the pump tank is fitted with a pressure gauge, recommended pressure range is 35-45 psi.

Note: It is extremely important to obtain uniform coverage. Uneven application may result in uneven soiling.

3. To obtain the best performance from Advanced Protector, work the product into the carpet immediately after spraying.

- Use a pile brush on pile-type construction.
- Use a shag rake for open shag construction.

4. Allow the carpet to dry. The soil and stain protection of Advanced Protector is fully effective as soon as the carpet is dry.

5. Use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe away any spray from furniture or woodwork. Dried solid Advanced Protector usually can be removed by using a mild detergent solution.



More Information
Material Carpet
Category Protectors
pH 5.5 - 8.0
Brand DuPont
Approved Use Stain Resistant Carpet, Wool
Chemical Type Water Based
Cleaning Method Hot Water Extraction
EPA Registered Yes
Type Liquid
Condition new
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)