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PROSOCO Consolideck® Concrete Protector WB(5 GL)

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  • Provides excellent water, oil, and stain repellency
  • Works on Consolideck LS and LS/CS hardened/densified floors
  • Low-odor allows for interior application to occupied buildings
  • Easy to apply and fast drying
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Product Information

Concrete Protector WB from Consolideck is designed to extend the life of your concrete surfaces, from steel troweled to highly polished, ensuring they clean easily and look amazing for years to come.


This penetrating water, oil, and stain repellent is a long-lasting polymeric material that is designed for use on every kind of finished concrete surface, from interior to exterior, horizontal to vertical. 


Water-based and low-odor, Concrete Protector is VOC-compliant and dries quickly. This protective treatment is easily applied with a pump-up sprayer.


Concrete Protector improves stain resistance and simplifies on-going cleaning and maintenance. It even works on Consolideck LS® and LS/CS®lithium-silicate hardened/densified floors!


Concrete treated with Concrete Protector resists staining from oil, food, and waterborne materials. At the same time, treated surfaces retain their natural color, texture, and breathability (moisture is not trapped). Treated surfaces are not slippery, so they won't pose a safety threat. Floors previously treated with Concrete Protector can be re-coated without any stripping necessary.




Protect people, vehicles, property, plants and all non masonry from product, splash, fumes, residue and wind drift. Avoid exposing passersby and building occupants to product and mists. Protect and/or divert pedestrian and auto traffic. Ensure fresh air entry and cross ventilation during application and drying.


Thoroughly clean and rinse surfaces before applying Concrete Protector. Use the appropriate Consolideck® cleaner. Let cleaned surfaces dry thoroughly before application. 


Surface and Air Temperatures

Should be at least 40˚ F (4˚ C) and expected to remain so for 4 hours after application. Surface and air temperatures should not exceed 90˚ F (32˚ C). On warm days, apply early in the day and to shaded areas. 



Preferred method of application is with low pressure (<50 psi), pump-type spray equipment. Adjust tip to prevent atomization during application. DO NOT ATOMIZE DURING APPLICATION. This product contains a material that can cause serious lung damage or impairment if inhaled as an aerosol or fine mist. 


Storage and Handling

Keep from freezing. Store in a cool, dry place. Do not alter or mix with other chemicals. Always seal container after dispensing. Published shelf life assumes upright storage of factory-sealed containers in a dry place. Maintain temperatures of 45–100˚ F (7–38˚ C). Do not double stack pallets. Dispose of unused product and container in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.



Before use read “Preparation” and “Safety Information.”


ALWAYS TEST each surface for suitability and desired results before starting overall application. Test with the same equipment, recommended surface preparation and application procedures planned for general application.



DO NOT DILUTE OR ALTER. Use in concentrate. 

Stir or mix well before use


Typical Coverage Rates

Coverage varies based on porosity and texture. Always test. Coverage is in square feet/meters per gallon.


  • Porous Surfaces: 50–100 sq.ft. (5–10 m2)
  • Semi-porous Surfaces: 100–400 sq.ft. (9–37 m2)
  • Non-porous Surfaces: 400–800 sq.ft. (37–75 m2)


Application Instructions


Vertical Surfaces: Use low-pressure spray, brush, sponge or roller. Apply uniformly. Saturate the surface. Brush out heavy runs or drips thoroughly for uniform coverage. An additional coat can be applied after material has dried for at least 1 hour. Second coat will require less material.

Horizontal Surfaces: On most flat surfaces, apply in a single saturating application. Even out puddles with a microfiber applicator before material has a chance to fully dry. If needed, an additional coat can be applied after material has dried for at least 1 hour. Second coat will require less material.

Porous Surfaces: For optimum stain repellency on porous surfaces, apply a saturating coat and allow to dry thoroughly before applying a second saturating coat. Less material will be required on the second application. Over-application may change surface appearance. 


Drying Time

Treated surfaces can be opened to traffic as soon as the surface is completely dry. 

Protect treated surfaces from direct water contact for 12 hours. Concrete Protector gains its oil-resistant properties in 48 hours.



Clean equipment immediately with soap and water. Remove over spray within 24 hours. Use mild soap and water.



As with any oil and stain repellent, periodically re-treat the surface to maintain the original performance. Apply in the same manner as the original application.



Remove surface dust and debris daily using a micro fiber pad, dry dust mop or by autoscrubbing. Maintain the floor with Consolideck® LSKlean ULTRA, developed to further enhance the longterm performance of your finished concrete floor.

This product is not designed for use with buffing or burnishing equipment.

Remove spills or stains from surfaces treated with Concrete Protector as soon as possible using the appropriate Consolideck® maintenance cleaner. Do not use harsh acidic or alkaline cleaners.



More Information
Brand Prosoco
Category Concrete Protector, Floor Sealers
Type Liquid
Condition New
Manufacturer Model Number 46022-05GAL
Manual / Schematic
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
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