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Xactimate Level 1 and 2 Certification, 2‑Day Training

Learn how to write professional, accurate, and timely estimates on restoration job sites using Xactimate’s best practices. Day one will cover Level 1: Xactimate fundamentals. Day two will cover Level 2: Xactimate proficiency. Laptop required.

Product Information

What is Xactimate?

Xactimate is a subscription-based software program that estimates insurance claims and documents the cost of replacement or repair of items related to construction or restoration from water or fire loss.

Xactimate is regarded as the industry’s most powerful and comprehensive solution for property claims estimation. It is the number one choice for restoration professionals thanks to its precision and flexibility throughout all stages of the recovery process.

Xactimate makes it simple to estimate a project by providing a streamlined workflow for gathering information and completing estimates.

This two-day course will cover certification requirements for both Level 1 and Level 2 Xactimate certification.


Students must bring their own laptop to class and have the Xactimate software installed. If you do not wish to purchase the software subscription, you can download the free 30-day demo to use during class.

LEVEL ONE: Xactimate Fundamentals Objectives

The Level 1 Certified individual will be required to demonstrate that the following learning objectives have been met:

  • Demonstrates understanding of the 4-step estimating process, connecting to XactAnalysis, downloading assignments, Projects tab, Control Center.
  • Demonstrates understanding of Claim Information including: insured name, multiple addresses/phone numbers, estimator/reference info, policy/claim info, deductible, price list, tax jurisdiction, activity defaults, overhead and profit, company header.
  • Can complete and print an estimate in Xactimate.
  • Demonstrates understanding of Sketch windows, Tools, Search pane, Sketch workspace, Items section, View Tools, Plan View, Zoom to Selection, Zoom In, Zoom to Extents, Pan Tool, 3-D View.
  • Demonstrates understanding of Room Features, such as Wall Handle, Wall Thickness, Interior/Exterior Dimensions, Room Properties, Ceiling Type/Height, Square Break Tool, Custom Staircase Tool, Doors, Windows, Sign/Click and Drag method, Deduct Openings, Missing Walls, Basic Room Variables F, PF, W, WC, C PC.
  • Demonstrates understanding of Estimate Items, Quick Entry, Grouping, Search/ Macros, Category code, Selector code, Activity, Description, Calculation, Unit Price, Unit of Measure, Click for Detail, Reference/Keyword Search, Home Link, Predictive Text.
  • Demonstrates understanding of marking an estimate “Completed,” required information, changing estimate status to “Completed,” Print Options, View/Print Reports, Export/Email PDF File, types of Estimate Reports.
  • Demonstrates understanding of Measurement View, Measurement Locks, Roof Annotations, Roof Tool, Roof Properties, Roof Types, such as Gable, Flat/Shed, Hip, Partial Hip, Dutch Hip, Half Hip, Gambrel, Barrel, Turret, Manual, Square Break Tool, Roof Overbuild, Roof Subgroup, basic roof variables SQ, SF, P, R.
  • Demonstrates understanding of the Projects tab, Xactimate Help, Data Transfer, Sharing/Copying Data such as estimates, price lists, and macros.
  • Demonstrates understanding of the three methods for updating prices, price list updates, naming convention of a price list.

LEVEL TWO: Xactimate Proficiency Objectives

The Level 2 Certified individual will be required to demonstrate that the following learning objectives have been met:

  • Demonstrates understanding of Claim Info, Contact Manager/Import from Contacts, Parameters, Depreciation Options, Tokens, Opening and Closing Statements.
  • Demonstrates understanding of Room Properties, Relation to Level, Ceiling Type, Orientation Tool, Sketch Staircases, Square Break Tool (click + drag method), Vertex Tool, Wall Tool, Reference Areas and Blocks, Missing Wall, Room Variables LL, HH, SH, V.
  • Demonstrates understanding of Multiple Levels, Level Properties, Sketch Options (measurements, font size, reset window views, keyboard shortcuts), Sketch Images Window/Add/Load Digital Images, Sketch Image Reference, Annotation Ribbon.
  • Demonstrates understanding of Grouping Members (Append, Insert, Attach), Quick Entry, Search for Line Items, Retrieve Scope, Coverage Association, Depreciation Options, Dwelling Coverages, Activity Information, Miscellaneous Items, Line Item Attachments, Subvariables/Calculations, Calculate Waste (F*1.15), Global Changes Wizard.
  • Demonstrates understanding of Estimating from Sketch, Estimating Windows, Searching for Line Items, Selecting Surface Areas, Adding Items Graphically, Floor Covering Tools, Sketch Items List.
  • Demonstrates understanding of Estimate Items Window, Quick Entry Method, Quick Entry Navigation, Column identification.
  • Demonstrates understanding of Estimating in Sketch, Item Information Window, Common Roofing Materials, Adding Roofing Line Items in Sketch, Calculating Waste for Roofing Shingles, Manually Calculating Waste SQ*1.15.
  • Demonstrates understanding of Locking/Unlocking Roof Measurements, Roof Properties (Roof Rafters, Ridge, Span), Multiple Roof Slopes and Shapes, Roof Overbuilds, Commercial Roof Shapes, Roof Variables VAL, HIP, EAVE, RAKE.
  • Demonstrates understanding of Elevation Grouping Member, Dimensioning an Elevation, Adding Line Items to Grouping Members, Variables Association, Reference Search on Exterior.
  • Demonstrates understanding of Change Estimate Status from In Progress to Completed, Complete, Submit Required Information, Correct Inspection Violations, Mark Estimate Completed, Print Report, Upload Assignment.
  • Demonstrates understanding of Project Preview, Duplicating/Copying Projects, Quick Copy, Merge Projects, Save and Save As, Re-sequence Line Numbers, Recycle Bin, Project Defaults. 
    Demonstrates understanding of Download Historical Price Lists, Provide Pricing Feedback, Components, Supporting Events, Labor Minimums vs. Base Service Charges, Price Changes.
  • Demonstrates understanding of Creating Macros, Retrieving Macros, Pre-built Macros in Sketch, Sketch Templates (use existing, rotate, flip).
  • Demonstrates understanding of Data Transfer types, such as projects, price lists, company headers, model statements, contacts, and references; Version Compatibility, Transfer Type: Folder, XactAnalysis, Cloud, Can drag and drop (send) data, Can choose to skip, merge/rename, or overwrite items.
  • Demonstrates understanding of Print Reports, Estimate Reports, Info Tab, Print Options, Line Item Detail, Sketch Images, Claim Reports, Documents, Report Macros, Uploaded Documents, Additional Options, Language Selection, Take-off Reports, Print Images on Report.

Meet Your Instructor: Alex Duta

Alexandru (Alex) Duta is a restoration entrepreneur and co-founder of an 8-figure restoration company out of Chicago and Albiware, a restoration job management software. After leaving the restoration front lines and working in software, Alex stayed in tune with the industry through education. Alex is the youngest Xactimate Certified trainer and one of very few that have real world restoration experience to bring to the table. He blends the Xactimate course curriculum with real world business principles, helping restoration contractors grow their business and get paid faster. His passion is helping others grow their restoration businesses through efficiency and social responsibility.

Online Classes

Students must provide their own device with a camera, microphone, and Internet connection. Manual and course materials will be made available for download.

In-Person Classes

In-person classes begin at 8:00am and end approximately at 5:00pm daily. Lunch and refreshments will be provided. Manual and all course materials included.

Class Schedule
Date Location Instructor Price Register Now
October 24-25, 2023 St. Louis Duta $1,199 Call 800-556-6366
November 13-14, 2023 Dallas Duta $1,199 Call 800-556-6366


We're working on scheduling additional dates of training and will be updating this page soon. Check back later or contact your local Jon-Don branch to inquire about other training options that might be right for your business.