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IICRC Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning (UFT) Seminar

Have the horror stories of ruined upholstery prevented you from taking advantage of this lucrative field? Learn to avoid the mistakes that others have found only through trial and error. Experience can be a great teacher, but a very expensive one. This two-day virtual course will teach you all the techniques necessary to be a successful upholstery and fabric cleaner.


Product Information

Having experience as a carpet cleaner will help with the easy synthetic fabrics but is of no help on the silks, cottons, linens, leathers, and other exotic fabrics you will encounter.

Through this online course, you will learn how to test and inspect each fabric to determine your safest method of cleaning. Certain fabrics such as chintz or moiré require special attention. The pH scale you may have learned in a carpet course will be reviewed heavily and will be the basis for much of your cleaning. Understanding the role of an "acid rinse" will keep you out of trouble. You will learn a detailed inspection process that will keep you from making the big three mistakes: bleeding, browning, and shrinkage.

One of the largest and missed opportunities in cleaning is office partition cleaning. You will learn how easy it is to clean these partitions and how to sell this type of cleaning. If you were to compare the value of carpet versus fabric in the average home, fabric would win. Many companies turn down fabric cleaning due to fear. This fear is due to a lack of knowledge and training. Become a fabric specialist and reap the rewards!

What You'll Learn

  • How to test for the correct cleaning method
  • How to select the proper chemicals and cleaning equipment
  • The inspection process that can eliminate complaints
  • How to clean bleeders and sensitive fabrics
  • How to test for polished cotton
  • When dry cleaning is the right choice
  • What the codes S, W, and X mean
  • How to recognize, prevent and solve difficult problems
  • Hands-on training – if you have a problem cushion, bring it along!
  • IICRC Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning Course Manual

Qualifies for 14 IICRC CECs.

IICRC Certification Exam

To earn certification, students must pass the certification exam, which is available for an additional fee paid directly to the IICRC. Students must visit to register online and submit the exam fee prior to or on the first day of class. Please keep a copy of your payment confirmation or have the means to log in at the end of the scheduled class to report to the instructor once exam registration is complete. You will need to provide proof of registration to complete the exam on the last day of training. Please contact the IICRC with any questions regarding this process.

In-Person Classes

In-person classes begin at 8:00am and end approximately at 5:00pm daily. Lunch and refreshments will be provided. Manual and all course materials included.

Online Classes

Students must provide their own device with a camera, microphone, and Internet connection. Manual and course materials will be made available for download.

Class Schedule
Date Location Instructor Price Register Now
March 13-14, 2024 (Spanish) Online Cutshall $325 Click to Register
March 20-21, 2024 Online Bisaillon $325 Click to Register
April 18-19, 2024 Online Cutshall $325 Click to Register
May 2-3, 2024 (Spanish) Anaheim Cutshall $325 Call 800-556-6366
June 27-28, 2024 (Spanish) San Francisco Cutshall $325 Call 800-556-6366