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Furniture Moving

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  1. Carpet Shield
    Carpet Shield

    This temporary masking product is designed to protect synthetic carpets from tracked-in dirt, spills, dust, and damage. Simply roll out the Carpet Shield on high traffic areas and confidently walk on it repeatedly without fear of causing rips or tears. This product features a polyethylene film that resists tears and punctures—even from tools or high heels!

    • Available in-24 and-36 inch widths
    • 200 feet in length
    • Non-residual adhesive
    • Non-skid surface
    • Resists punctures and tears

    Starting at $51.34

  2. Impact Back Support with Detachable Suspenders
    Impact Back Support with Detachable Suspenders

    Heavy lifting and hard work can take its toll on your back. Help reduce strain and give yourself more support with this ergonomic back support. It features an 8-inch elastic back panel with 3-inch side pulls.

    • 8-inch back panel
    • 3-inch side pulls
    • Detachable suspenders

    Starting at $42.95

  3. Moving Blankets
    Moving Blankets

    Use these durable, multi-fabric, double-stitched blankets during pack-outs to reduce your chances of liability. Measures 72" x 80" with 28-oz batting.

    • Protects contents from damage
    • Terrific for using in pack-outs
    • Durable, multi-fabric, double-stitched blanket
    • 72 x 80 inches
    • 28-ounce batting
  4. Impact Products Super Rubber Door Stop
    Impact Products Super Rubber Door Stop

    This wedge type, yellow rubber door stop is great for propping open doors in any facility. Its heavy duty rubber bottom holds securely to the floor, so it won't slip or skid, and it effectively props open even the heaviest doors. Each door stop measures 6.25” long x 4” wide x 2” tall at the highest point.

    • Keep doors open while working
    • Heavy-duty rubber
    • Wedge style for industrial applications
    • Bright yellow rubber for safety and high visibility
  5. Red Rosin Paper, 36 Inches x 167 Feet
    Red Rosin Paper, 36 Inches x 167 Feet

    This multi-purpose building paper provides a superior moisture barrier and is useful on flooring projects and other applications where reliable flooring protection is needed. This roll measures 36" x 167'.

    • Heavy-duty masking paper
    • 500 square feet per roll
    • Ideal for use as protective barrier on floors
  6. Tyvek® Tag Gun Replacement Needles (4 PK)
    Tyvek® Tag Gun Replacement Needles (4 PK)
    These replacement needles fit the Tyvek Tag Gun. Made from nickel-plated hardened steel, these heavy-duty needles are best suited for heavier materials, such as canvas, leather, and paperboard.
    • Heavy-duty nickel-plated hardened steel needle
    • Replacement for Tyvek Tag Gun (MP-TTFG-EA)
    • Can be used on canvas, leather, and paperboard
  7. Tyvek® Tag‑Fastener Gun
    Tyvek® Tag‑Fastener Gun
    Fasten tags to woven material with this lightweight gun. It's made of high-impact polycarbonate with steel and brass moving parts and a needle guard. Needles are hardened steel. Fasteners and hooks are made of polypropylene. Color is natural.
    • Fasten tags to woven material
    • Lightweight, durable gun
    • Multiple needles available
  8. Hard Floor Shield, 24 Inches x 200 Feet
    Hard Floor Shield, 24 Inches x 200 Feet

    The Hard Floor Shield provides a durable, non-skid surface that protects wood and tile floors from tracked in dirt, spills, dust, and damage in high traffic areas. Can be used on virtually all hard surfaces, such as ceramic, marble, VCT, laminates, etc.

    • 24-inch by 200-foot roll
    • Versatile floor protection
    • Durable, non-skid surface
  9. Brown Kraft Paper, 18 Inches x 900 Feet
    Brown Kraft Paper, 18 Inches x 900 Feet

    Brown kraft paper adds a professional, finishing touch on jobs requiring extra attention to detail. Simply roll out this durable paper along high traffic areas and watch how impressed your customer is when she sees how much you care about her home!

    • Brown kraft paper adds professional touch
    • 40-pound paper
    • Measures 18 inches x 900 linear feet
  10. EZ Moves Professional Furniture Slides
    EZ Moves Professional Furniture Slides

    No matter the size or shape—whether it has legs or is flat bottomed—EZ Moves allow one person to seamlessly relocate the heaviest home or office furniture, then move it right back again without back strain or hassle.

    • Allows one person to quickly and easily move furniture
    • Works great on wet and dry carpet
    • Heavy-duty smooth plastic and black cushion rubber
    • Packaged in boxes of 4 each
  11. EZ‑Sling Mattress Carrier
    EZ‑Sling Mattress Carrier

    Like the revolutionary Forearm Forklift, this innovative product is made of lightweight elastic and was designed mainly for mattress removal. It gives you more control, easier maneuverability and you will finish a move feeling as good as when you started

    • The EZ-Sling™ mattress delivery carrier is easy to use
    • Offers a terrific grip so you can easily move mattresses
    • Reduces lower back muscle strain
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