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Dust Mops and Dust Mop Supplies

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  1. Quick‑Change Dust Mop Frame
    Quick‑Change Dust Mop Frame

    This heavy-duty, 1/4-inch, chrome-plated wire frame fits slip-through or tie-on mop heads. This frame is 5 inches wide and has a special z-bar brace for added strength and durability. It is also coated with a durable polymer that resists rust and prevents cracking and chipping.

    • Various sizes available
    • Standard 5-inch width
    • Z-bar brace for added strength
    • 1/4-inch chrome-plated wire

    Starting at $3.84

  2. Wedge Mop Frame
    Wedge Mop Frame

    This frame scoots under tight corners and equipment and behind furniture—virtually everywhere dust is found! Sold with attached handle.

    • For dust mopping tight corners
    • Handle and frame together
    • Designed to fit wedge mop
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