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Dust Mops and Dust Mop Supplies

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  1. Unitex® Destroyer Disposable Dust Mop
    Unitex® Destroyer Disposable Dust Mop

    Looking for an ultra-tough mop head? Choose the Destroyer. It lasts longer, cleans better, and costs less than other mop heads out there. It will clean 250,000 to 1,000,000 sq ft, giving you excellent productivity and bang for the buck.

    • Cleans 250,000–1,000,000 sq ft before disposal
    • Blended open twist yarn provides enhanced absorption
    • Pre-treated; can be re-treated for extended use
    • Not launderable
    • Full tie backing allows mop to fit any style 5" frame

    Starting at $5.56

  2. Unitex® Survivor Dust Mop
    Unitex® Survivor Dust Mop

    This industrial-grade dust mop is manufactured of 100% premium 4-ply cotton yarn. It has a durable, non-woven, synthetic backing to stand up to your toughest mopping challenges.

    • Pre-laundered and ready to use
    • Fits 5-inch frame
    • Launderable
    • 100% premium 4-ply cotton yarn
    • Twisted cut end yarn won't fray or unravel

    Starting at $7.24

  3. Unitex® Attract Dust Mop Treatment, 14 oz
    Unitex® Attract Dust Mop Treatment, 14 oz

    Unitex Attract Dust Mop Treatment boosts the dust-grabbing power of your dust mop or dust cloths. This product attracts and holds dust and fine particulate soils in cloth fibers. Dust and fibers coagulate into lint, so you never need to worry about scattering dust clouds.

    • Causes dust to coagulate into lint; no scattering dust!
    • Product can easily be washed out
    • pH: None
    • Apply directly to dust mops and cloths
    • Ready to use

    Starting at $6.05

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