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Floor Protection

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  1. Carpet Shield
    Carpet Shield

    This temporary masking product is designed to protect synthetic carpets from tracked-in dirt, spills, dust, and damage. Simply roll out the Carpet Shield on high traffic areas and confidently walk on it repeatedly without fear of causing rips or tears. This product features a polyethylene film that resists tears and punctures—even from tools or high heels!

    • Available in -24 and -36 inch widths
    • 200 feet in length
    • Non-residual adhesive
    • Non-skid surface
    • Resists punctures and tears

    Starting at $43.81

  2. Tacky Mats (Sticky Walk‑Off Mats)
    Tacky Mats (Sticky Walk‑Off Mats)

    These adhesive mats are made of thin layers of adhesive-coated polyethylene film and are ideal for controlling dust on commercial and residential work sites. The tacky layers remove particulates from shoes and wheels each time a contractor enters a cleanroom or containment area.

    • Resistant to adhesive transfer
    • Great for commercial and residential work sites
    • Controls construction dust
    • Promote a professional appearance

    Starting at $75.03

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