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Strategies for Success™: Business Transformation Seminar (SFS)

Strategies for Success (SFS) is an intensive, five day seminar that will give you the concepts and tools you need to take your business to your desired level of success.


Product Information

Five Days, No Fluff. 
This program is not “warmed over fluff”. SFS gives you the “down in the trenches knowledge” you need to succeed.Strategies for Success is the result of years of hands-on experience in the front lines of the cleaning industry. It is taught by some of the very best instructors available in our industry. 

SFS is an essential “kick in the pants” for any owner who is committed to creating a powerful, positive change for their business. SFS is also the perfect opportunity for those new to the cleaning or disaster restoration industry to get “off on the right foot” and set themselves up to succeed right from day one.


Why five days? 
Your SFS seminar contains in-depth coverage that demands five intense days. In fact, five days will seem too short considering all the information that is packed into one SFS seminar. Your SFS week will seem like a whirlwind, but nothing is rushed over or treated lightly. Every concept, idea, and procedure is fully explained. Five days will give you the time to absorb the concepts, ask questions, share experiences and begin to plan your next moves.

The five days of SFS will allow you the time to get to know the other students and share experiences and ideas with them. Many people who go through a Strategies for Success class together stay in contact afterwards, developing friendships and sources for new ideas and concepts. Five days free of distractions also gives you a “management retreat” - the time to truly focus on your business. In fact, we highly recommend you attend SFS with your partner, spouse or other key people in your business.


What will SFS give you? 
Simply put, SFS will revitalize you and your company. SFS will give you the tools to realize your own personal vision of success. More about Strategies for Success


Want a FREE seat? 
When you purchase a new truck mount or $5,000 worth of products and equipment from Jon-Don in a 12-month period, you can attend SFS for FREE. Contact your Jon-Don sales representative to see if you qualify!


Qualifies for 2 IICRC CECs. No exam.

Class begins daily at 8:00am and ends approximately 5:00pm.

Lunch provided.


Class Schedule

Class Date Class Location Instructor Price
Feb. 24, 2020 - Feb. 28, 2020 Portland, OR Toburen $1,475
Apr. 20, 2020 - Apr. 24, 2020 Roselle, IL Toburen $1,475
Aug. 3, 2020 - Aug. 7, 2020 Denver, CO Toburen $1,475
Oct. 5, 2020 - Oct. 9, 2020 Langhorne, PA Toburen $1,475



Join the SFS Community on Facebook!
This group is the exclusive go-to community for cleaning and restoration professionals who are serious about building a Critical Mass Business! (A company that will run with or WITHOUT you!) Connect with other professionals and get the advice you need to grow your business today!


Can't Invest 5 Days?

We know it's hard to be away from your business for a full week, so we've created new 1- and 2-day SFS classes that cover many of the same transformational concepts in a shorter time.


NEW! 1-Day SFS: Hands-On Marketing 

Are you struggling with your marketing? Tired of sending out ineffective postcards and flyers? Wondering why your website isn’t
generating any action? Don’t waste another minute (or another dollar!) on your marketing until you’ve taken this one-day class.

Bill Yeadon, marketing expert and director of Jon-Don’s education division, will show you how to apply powerful and proven marketing principles to your advertising and get your phone to start ringing right away. By the end of the day, you will have developed a personalized 30-day marketing calendar and action plan you can use immediately.


NEW! 2-Day SFS: Hands-On Operations 

Do you feel like your cleaning or restoration business is out of control? Are you just “winging it” every day, putting out fires as you leap from one problem to the next?

This intense two-day seminar will help you get a handle on day-to-day operations and show you how easy it is to turn your business into a well-oiled machine that churns out Customer Cheerleaders and profits—even while you’re on vacation! Plus, you’ll receive hundreds of pages of written systems and step-by-step guides that will morph your business into a world class operation that will have your customers raving both online and to their friends and neighbors.

Finally be ahead of the game and know what to do before an issue becomes a problem. “Tune up” your day-to-day operations with Steve Toburen's systems to super-charge your business for explosive (yet controllable) growth AND profit!


NEW! Value-Added Service Technician Cleaning (VAST) Seminar 

In one intense day, Jeff Cutshall will instill key Value Added Service concepts to your in the home Technicians.


What's Covered in the 5-Day Class?

In strictly black and white terms, a Strategies for Success seminar will deliver on the following concepts and skills: 


  • The 3 Essential Business Reports and how to use them 
  • How to set your price for guaranteed profit 
  • How to recruit, screen and hire the right employees to maximize success
  • Understanding and using Cash Flow Forecasting
  • How to use the Five Parts of an Income Sheet 


  • “She isn’t buying what you’re selling” - target your market for maximum impact 
  • The secrets of positioning your company as the best choice 
  • How to create and deliver an effective marketing message 
  • Proven techniques and strategies for customer retention 
  • How to make the most of your website 

Customer Service & Business Building 

  • The Six Secret Weapons of Success: How to avoid the most common mistakes
  •  Understanding the “Emotional Dynamics” of the Home Front 
  • How to easily and consistently exceed your customer’s “base-line” expectations 
  • The 7 characteristics of a Moment of Truth - these are critical to your success 
  • Why “Making the Cheerleader” is so important 
  • How to consistently crank out Cheerleaders using an “Assembly Line” 
  • The Five Steps to implementing Value Added Service with employees 
  • A ready-to-use Business Infrastructure with easy turnkey systems and procedures 
  • How to maximize your employee’s telephone skills featuring a complete script that answers the “eternal phone question”, “How much do you charge”? 
  • A simple technique that turns complaining customers into Turbo-Cheerleaders 
  • How to diversify into Fire and Water damage and not lose your shirt 
  • How to implement and sell the lucrative “Stay Beautiful” program and create guaranteed customers for life 
  • The secrets to Cleaning Inspections that land every job 
  • How to sell regular Commercial Contract Carpet Cleaning (and how to do it fast once you have it) 

SFS will give you all this and more, including the invaluable knowledge of “How to run your business today, to sell it tomorrow.”