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Saiger's "Cide" Sauce Lime Citron Odor Destroyer

  • Destroys odors at the source
  • Infused with fresh lime scent
  • pH: 7.0
  • Safe on stain-resistant carpet
  • Dilute 2–8 oz per gallon, depending on usage
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Saiger's "Cide" Sauce Lime Citron Odor Destroyer (1 GL)
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Saiger's "Cide" Sauce Lime Citron Odor Destroyer (4 GL)
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Product Information

Choose Saiger’s “Cide” for True Odor Elimination—

Leave Nothing Behind but a Fresh Lime Scent and Happy Customers!


Saiger’s “Cide” is a powerful deodorizer that absorbs, modifies, and eliminates the worst odors hiding in carpet, upholstery, mattresses, and more. Malodors are destroyed at the source and replaced with an uplifting lime fragrance.


Saiger’s “Cide” delivers outstanding results against stubborn malodors from urine, vomit, skunk spray, garbage, must/mildew, smoke, sewer backup, organic decay, cooking odors, and more.


It Really Works!

Some products may claim to offer total odor removal, but rather than get rid of the smell, they just cover it up with overpowering fragrances that fade over time.


Who wants a carpet that smells like cat urine and flowers?


Saiger’s “Cide” features using odor-destroying technology that eliminates odors at the source. All your customer will smell is the pleasant, uplifting scent of fresh cut limes.


Multiple Dilution & Application Options

Saiger’s “Cide” can be diluted at 2–8 oz per gallon of water or ready-to-use pre-spray. It can be applied pre-, post-, or during cleaning. This versatile formula can also be wet fogged for treating stubborn odors in the air or HVAC system.


Developed by Saiger's Steam Clean, a family owned and operated cleaning company employing four generations of cleaning specialists, Saiger's “Cide” is the newest product in Saiger’s line of high-quality carpet cleaning technology. 




  1. Prepare a solution of 8 oz Saiger's "Cide" per gallon of water (1 part to 16 parts of water) and flood the contaminated area sufficiently to soak the surface where the odor may have migrated.
  2. Wait 10 minutes dwell time. If possible, allow area to dry before cleaning.
  3. If the cleaning will be done at the time of treatment, apply product to the dry carpet prior to any cleaning and re-moisten surface fibers with Saiger's "Cide" after the cleaning.


General malodor of carpet, pet accidents: Dilute up to 4 oz per gallon of water and spray the surface evenly and allow to dry before using.


Pet bed, upholstery, and mattresses treatment: Dilute up to 6 oz per gallon of water and spray mist the surface of fabric and brush gently and allow to dry before using.


General cleaning solution: Dilute up to 2–4 oz of Saiger's "Cide" per gallon of cleaning solution and proceed with normal cleaning to eliminate odors and freshen up areas.


ULV fogging: Dilute 4 oz per gallon of water.


A Great addition to Saiger’s Sauce 1 Free & Clear Unscented!

Fragrance Boost to Pre-spray:

  • Hydro-Force-Style Injection Sprayer: Dilute 2 to 8 ounces of Saiger's "Cide" per 5-quart container with your Saiger’s Sauce Free & Clear (or your pre-spray of choice). It will leave a pleasant fresh lime scent with odor-eliminating capabilities.
  • Pump-Up or Electric: Dilute 2–4 ounces per gallon of ready-to-use Saiger’s Sauce 1 Free & Clear (or your pre-spray of choice)




More Information
Brand Saiger's
Application Method Solution Additive, Spray, Wet Fog
Product Type Liquid
Scent Lime
pH 7.0
Category Deodorizers
Condition New
Manufacturer Model Number SSC898904
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
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