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Rapid Set® TRU® Self‑Leveling, High Performance Architectural Topping, Gray, 50 lbs

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  • For professional use only
  • Designed specifically for polishing and decorative flooring applications
  • Outstanding clarity and gloss
  • Use as topping, resurfacer, or underlayment
  • Ready for foot traffic in 2–3 hours; coating in 12 hours
  • Use indoors or outdoors; wet or dry environments
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Product Information

TRU GRAY is a great choice for environments in need of a high-quality, polishable cement gray topping fast. It grinds and polishes much like concrete and achieves a very high gloss and Distinctness-of-Image (DOI) due to its high density and low polymer content.


This high-performance architectural topping and resurfacer is ideal for projects that need long flow life and working time while achieving high early strength.


It is very easy to use, and maintains workability for 20 minutes. TRU GRAY rapidly levels, and produces a smooth, strong surface with high-bond strength. It can be used both indoors and outside, in wet or dry environments. A customized appearance can be achieved by adding decorative aggregate.


TRU GRAY also has an environmental advantage—it can reduce your carbon footprint and lower your environmental impact. Production of Rapid Set cement emits 65% less CO2 than portland cement.


Floors treated with TRU GRAY are ready for foot traffic in as little as 2–3 hours; for coatings in 12 hours; and grinding/polishing in 24 hours.


For flat surfaces, one 50-pound bag covers 15-16 square feet at 3/8-inch thick.



DECORATIVE: Designed specifically for polishing and decorative flooring applications

OUTSTANDING CLARITY & GLOSS: Highly polishable due to low polymer content and high density

VERSATILE: Use as a topping, resurfacer or underlayment, incorporate aggregates to create numerous design possibilities


  • Foot traffic in 2 to 3 hours
  • Coatings in 12 hours
  • Grind and polish in 24 hours


  • 5,000 PSI (34.5 MPa) in 24 hours
  • 6,500 PSI (44.8 MPa) in 28 days

INTERIOR/EXTERIOR: Durable in dry and wet areas




  • Working time: 20 minutes
  • Flow life: 15 minutes

Compressive Strength, ASTM C109 Mod*

  • 4 hours: 3,000 PSI (20.7 MPa)
  • 24 hours: 5,000 PSI (34.5 MPa)
  • 28 days: 6,500 PSI (44.8 MPa)

Slant Shear Bond Strength, ASTM C882 Mod.*

  • 7 days: 2,100 PSI (14.5 MPa)
  • 28 days: 2,900 PSI (20.0 MPa)

Tensile Strength, ASTM C307*

  • 7 days: 210 PSI (1.44 MPa)
  • 28 days: 365 PSI (2.51 MPa)

Flexural Strength, ASTM C348*

  • 24 hours: 850 PSI (5.86 MPa)
  • 28 days 1,900 PSI (13.1 MPa)


* Data obtained at flow consistency at 70°F (21°C)



Surface Preparation:

Substrate must be clean, sound, and free of oil, curing compound, dust, mastic, and other bond-breakers. Surface should be ICRI CSP 3 - 5. Mechanical methods of surface preparation, such as shot blasting, are preferred. Acid etching the substrate is not recommended. Surface must be dry, have a minimum temperature of 50°F and be properly primed.



Apply Rapid Set® Acrylic Primer to the prepared concrete substrate following the product specifications. When placing TRU™ as a decorative topping, epoxy with sand broadcast to refusal is the preferred method of priming.



Add one bag of TRU™ to 4.5 quarts (4.3 liters) of potable water.Mix 3-5 minutes until the mixture is smooth and lump free. Avoid mixers that entrap large amounts of air. Mixed TRU™ should be used within 30 minutes at 70°F. Maintain material temperature above 50°F.



Arrange work area to permit continuous placement without cold joints. Pour or pump the TRU™ onto the prepared and primed substrate with a minimum thickness of 1/8″ over the highest point. TRU™ will flow and level out within its 15-minute flow life. Use a gauge rake, spreader, or other tools to coax the material into place as required. Use a porcupine-type roller to remove any entrapped air.


For thicknesses greater than 1.5", extend each 50-lb bag of TRU™ with 25 lbs of clean, dry 3/8" pea gravel. Place the extended material to 1/2" below desired floor level and then place neat TRU™ for the final 1/2" within 24 hours.



No wet curing is required under normal conditions at 70°F. If used in exterior applications apply a fine water mist to the newly hardened surface of TRU™ as soon as it can be done without marring the surface and continue until one hour after final set. Avoid excessively dry, windy, hot, or sunny conditions.


Adhesives, thin set, or paint can be applied after 6 hours. If used as a topping that will receive traffic, a high-quality sealer or epoxy can be applied per the manufacturer's recommendations after 12 hours.



More Information
Brand Rapid Set Tru
Category Concrete Patch
Type Powder
Color Gray
Material Concrete
Condition New
Manufacturer Model Number RAPID SET TRU GRAY
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)