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Pro‑Lab Mold Test Kit

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  • Offers four methods of collection/testing
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Results returned quicly
  • Does NOT include lab fees!
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Product Information

PRO-LAB's Professional Mold Test Kit detects black mold, pollen, and dust mites. This easy-to-use kit can be used in your home, school, or office. It delivers reliable results and is a great first step in identifying toxic mold spores in your facility.


When moldy materials become damaged or disturbed, spores (reproductive bodies similar to seeds) can be released into the air. The PRO-LAB Mold Test Kit can detect this mold—even if it is invisible to the naked eye!


Mold exposure is not healthy for anyone. Certain individuals, such as infants, children, elderly, immune-compromised patients, pregnant women, and individuals with existing respiratory conditions are at high risk for adverse health effects. 


Sources of indoor moisture that may cause mold problems include:

  • Flooding
  • Leaky roof
  • Humidifiers
  • Damp basements or crawlspaces
  • Constant plumbing leaks
  • Houseplants
  • Steam from cooking
  • Shower/bath steam and leaks
  • Wet clothes 
  • Clothes dryers vented indoors


The patented PRO-LAB Professional Mold Test Kit offers four (4) different analytical sampling methods:


Method 1: Dust collection (vacuum with hose) sampling method

To determine if mold spores, pollen, and dust mites are in your indoor environment. After you have attached the cassette directly to the end of that vacuum nose, turn on your vacuum and vacuum your carpet(s), rug(s), floors, mattress, pillows and pillowcases, upholstery, A/C filter, furnace filter, or drapes. Continue to vacuum until you have enough fine dust to fill the collection chamber until fill (minimum of 5 minutes).

Method 2: Dust collection (vacuum without hose) sampling method

Alternative method to determine if mold, pollen, and dust mites are in your indoor environment. Scoop the fine dust from your vacuum cleaner bag and fill the collection chamber as much as possible. Once chamber is full, replace the collection chamber back in the cassette and replace the white caps.


Method 3: Visible mold (swab) sampling method

To determine the type of mold growth that is visible and growing on the piece on material. Locate the visible mold growth. Take the enclosed sterile swab and wipe the tip across the visible mold growth. Mold must adhere to the swab tip. Once sampling is complete, place the swab back in the plastic bag and proceed to the lab results directions.


Method 4: Bulk sampling method

To determine the type of mold that is visible and growing on a piece of material. Place a small piece of the material to be tested (drywall, wallpaper, molding, ceiling tile) inside the plastic bag and proceed to the lab results direction.


You may use the included prepaid postage envelope to send your sample to PRO-LAB for a detailed analysis of the type of mold present. There is an additional cost associated with having this analysis performed. This information will be useful to determine an individual’s allergy treatment and the cleaning or removal of the mold.


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