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Pro's Choice Stain 1

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Pro's Choice Stain 1
Item # CC-SO-EA
Mfr. Model # 1104
32 oz     Qty: 1
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Pro's Choice Stain 1 (12 PK)
Item # CC-SO-CS
Mfr. Model # 1104C
32 oz     Qty: 12
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  • Effective on coffee, tea, urine, juice, vomit, blood, and more
  • Just spray and walk away
  • pH: 6.5
  • Safe for stain-resistant carpet
  • Ready to use

Product Information

Just Spray and Walk Away!


Stain 1 from Pro's Choice is a powerful spotting formula that combines the best properties of some of Pro's Choice most powerful spotters.


You get the stain removal attributes of Stain Magic, the anti-resoiling power of ARA (Anti-Resoiling Agent), and the dirt dissolving power of Dirt Chaser to give you an incredible universal stain and spot remover.


Pro's Choice Stain 1 removes coffee, urine, juice, vomit, blood, plant stains, and other organic stains. There's no need to rub, agitate, or blot the stain - just spray it on and walk away!


For especially tough reappearing spots, spray with Stain 1, agitate gently and blot clean. Lightly re-apply Stain 1 and walk away. Heavy-duty spot removal can't get any easier than this!


Requires no mixing or dilution. Simply saturate the stain and allow dwell time for the stain to disappear.




Directions - General Use:

  1. Clean the discolored area thoroughly to remove as much contamination as possible.
  2. Apply Stain 1 liberally with a trigger sprayer to evenly saturate the stained fibers (allow dwell time). The spot or stain may disappear immediately, or it may take a few minutes.


Directions - Reappearing Spots:

  1. Spray with Stain 1, agitate, and blot clean.
  2. Lightly re-apply Stain 1and agitate.
  3. Just walk away. Those spots are not coming back!



  • Always blot dry fibers to be treated before application of Stain 1
  • Covering treated fibers with clear plastic will improve performance
  • Avoid storing product in direct sunlight
  • Always test in an inconspicuous area for colorfastness
  • Stain 1 is NOT for use on natural fibers! Use Stain Magic for Wool


More Information
Chemical Type Water Based
Brand Pro's Choice
Color Clear
Approved Use Stain Resistant Carpet
Scent Mild
Cleaning Method Hot Water Extraction
pH 6.5
Material Carpet
Dilution RTU
Type Liquid
Category Spotters
Condition new
Spot Type Blood, Coffee - Tea, Protein, Urine, Vomit
Manual / Schematic
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)