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Sonozaire 115A Ozone Machine Replacement Parts

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  1. Sonozaire Air Filter (1007‑110‑1)
    Sonozaire Air Filter (1007‑110‑1)
    Keep your Sonozaire Ozone Generators running at peak performance with this replacement air filter. Fits the 115A, 330A, and 630A. Learn More
  2. Sonozaire Transformer Set‑Up (T1)
    Sonozaire Transformer Set‑Up (T1)

    Transformer Set-Up for the Sonozaire 115A.

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  3. Sonozaire Selector Switch On‑Off (S2)
    Sonozaire Selector Switch On‑Off (S2)

    On-off switch for the Sonozair 115A, 330A and 630A ozone machines.

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  4. Sonozaire Rheostat For 115A
    Sonozaire Rheostat For 115A

    This adjustable rheostat fits the 115A Sonozaire unit.

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  5. Sonozaire White Lamp (DS2)
    Sonozaire White Lamp (DS2)
    White lamp for all models of Sonozaire. Learn More
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