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Prochem 2 Jet 12" S Wand Replacement Parts

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  1. T‑Jet Stainless Steel, 9502
    T‑Jet Stainless Steel, 9502

    This is a stainless steel 9502 T-Jet spray tip.

  2. T‑Jet Brass, 9502
    T‑Jet Brass, 9502

    This is a brass 9502 T-Jet spray tip.

  3. T‑Jet Stainless Steel, 9501
    T‑Jet Stainless Steel, 9501

    This is a stainless steel 9501 T-Jet spray tip.

  4. T‑Jet Brass, 9501
    T‑Jet Brass, 9501

    This is a brass 9501 T-Jet spray tip.

  5. T‑Jet Stainless Steel, 95015
    T‑Jet Stainless Steel, 95015

    This is a stainless steel 95015 T-jet spray tip.

  6. 95015 T‑Jet Brass
    95015 T‑Jet Brass

    This is a brass 95015 T-Jet spray tip.

  7. Spray Screen Regular
    Spray Screen Regular

    This standard brass filter screen with fine mesh saves you from having to clean jets at every job. It has no check ball or spring.

    • Brass filter with fine mesh filters unwanted debris
    • Saves you from cleaning jets at every job
    • No check ball or spring
  8. Spray Screen No‑Drip
    Spray Screen No‑Drip

    No-Drip Spray Screen. Use with Body CI-200993-EA.

    • No-Drip Screen
    • Brass Housing
  9. Spray Body Cap
    Spray Body Cap

    Cap, Spray Body.

    • Brass Cap
  10. Spray Body Male
    Spray Body Male

    Spray Body, Male with ¼” Male Pipe Threads for multiple wand applications.

    • Brass Spray Body
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