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Ninja Dual 2 or 3 Stage 100-150 PSI Replacement Parts


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  1. AquaTec 170 PSI Pump (58‑FLC‑170)
    AquaTec 170 PSI Pump (58‑FLC‑170)

    115V 1.3GPM 170 PSI pump with Viton check valves. Pump is equipped with 125 PSI demand switch which allows it to be used with low flow rate tools such as upholstery and stair tools. This pump can be used in nearly any application where a 100 PSI pump is currently used.

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  2. AquaTec Pump, Demand 115 VAC, 120 PSI (AQFLC120)
    AquaTec Pump, Demand 115 VAC, 120 PSI (AQFLC120)

    This replacement 120 PSI pump draws 115VAC and delivers a flow rate of 1.4 GPM. This self-priming pump can withstand a maximum temperature of 170°F and is capable of running dry.

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  3. Valve, Drain 1 1/2"
    Valve, Drain 1 1/2"

    1-1/2" Drain Valve including the spout and gasket.

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  4. Flow Control K‑Valve
    Flow Control K‑Valve

    This Flow Control K-Valve is rated at pressures up to 500 PSI. This part is easily rebuildable.

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  5. Ametek 3‑Stage Vacuum Motor (116565‑13)
    Ametek 3‑Stage Vacuum Motor (116565‑13)
    This 3-stage Ametek 5 5/8" dia 90 CFM 112" H2O lift, 10.6A Learn More
  6. Ametek 2 Stage Vacuum Motor (116392‑00)
    Ametek 2 Stage Vacuum Motor (116392‑00)

    2 Stage Vacuum Blower for dual vacuum units. Unit has 5.58” diameter motor with 80” of water lift. This fits many Ninja Deluxe units after serial #C14855 and Ninja Deluxe units with heat after serial #PH2094 and other units containing dual 2 stage motors.

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  7. ea Blower Gasket
    ea Blower Gasket
    This gasket fits the 5-5/8" vacuum motors. Learn More
  8. Toggle Switch
    Toggle Switch
    This is an on-off toggle switched used for the Ninja old style heater assembly. Learn More
  9. Castex/Nobles/Tennant Filter Solution Tank (180628)
    Castex/Nobles/Tennant Filter Solution Tank (180628)

    Mushroom shaped stainless steel filter for solution tank.

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  10. Relief, 12 Gauge Cord Strain
    Relief, 12 Gauge Cord Strain

    Strain Relief 12 Gauge made from heavy duty plastic.

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  11. Wheel, 4" Swivel Caster
    Wheel, 4" Swivel Caster
    This 4" Swivel Caster fits Century 400 units and other extractors requiring 4-bolt, 4 inch swivel casters. Learn More
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