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ODORx Double‑O Protein Smoke Odor Counteractant and Deodorant

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ODORx Double‑O Protein Smoke Odor Counteractant and Deodorant (1 GL)
Item # US-DO-01
Mfr. Model # 431751000
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ODORx Double‑O Protein Smoke Odor Counteractant and Deodorant (4 GL)
Item # US-DO-04
Mfr. Model # 431752000
Gallon    Qty: 4
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  • Ideal for kitchen fires involving burned meat or poultry
  • Can be added to cleaning solutions
  • pH: 7.2
  • NOT for use with thermal foggers
  • Dilutes 1 to 4 ounces per gallon of water

Product Information

Double-O is specially formulated to eliminate the stubborn protein odors resulting from kitchen fires, burned meat, spoiled food, and more. Double-O is also highly effective against sewage-related odors and water damage restoration jobs.


Double-O is an odor control product used primarily to eliminate the unusually obnoxious odors that come from fires involving protein. These fires are most commonly caused by kitchen accidents involving foods such as meat, poultry, fish, or beans. Double-O is also quite useful in controlling odors from spoiled food or sewage.


Double-O is a blend of odor control counteractants, solvents, and detergents that reduce the spread of odor-causing molecules into the atmosphere. Double-O also contains surfactants that help the product penetrate into odor damaged surfaces and to disperse in water. When applied to porous or absorbent materials, the solvents in ready-to-use (RTU) solutions of Double-O dry rapidly thus promoting the desorption of smoky malodors from treated surfaces.


Double-O can be used in a variety of situations:

  1. Suppression spraying for immediate reduction of protein smoke odor. This is the first step in the Unsmoke® 3-Step Odor Removal Process
  2. As a laundry deodorizing additive.
  3. Removal of odor from refrigerators or freezers in which food has spoiled.
  4. Control of sewer related odors.


Double-O Technical Data:

Color: Orange-yellow
Odor: Citrus
Appearance: Transparent liquid
Specific gravity: 0.96
Density: 8.0 pounds per gallon (0.9 gm. / mL)
pH of concentrate: 8.2
pH of ready to use: 7.2
Surfactant type: Nonionic
Phosphate content: None
Flash point: 127°F


Note: Not for use in thermal foggers



More Information
Brand ProRestore
Application Method Spray, Wipe/Mop
Chemical Type Water Based
Type Liquid
Scent Citrus
pH 8.2
Xactimate Code CLN DODRSP
Category Deodorizers, Fire and Smoke Odor Control Chemicals
Condition new
Manual / Schematic
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)