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Odorcide Duralast® Pet Urine Deodorizer, Fresh Peach Blossom

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  • Eliminates odors from pet urine, vomit and more
  • Fresh peach blossom fragrance
  • pH: 5.75
  • Safe for use on any surface
  • Variable dilutions

Product Information

Eliminate Odors at the Molecular Level!

Struggling to get rid of stubborn odors in carpet and upholstery? Try Odorcide Duralast. This powerful deodorizer eliminates odors at the molecular level and replaces them with a pleasant, fresh fragrance.


Destroy All Types of Odors

Duralast is effective against all types of odors, including those caused by urine, feces, vomit, food spills, and more. Duralast is not a masking agent; it’s a permanent odor solution.


Reduce Re-Marketing with PET-SOOTHE™

All Duralast products have the added benefit of Pet-Soothe™. This proprietary feature can help prevent inappropriate marking by relieving the stress and anxiety that accompanies these episodes thus encouraging proper behavior. Benefits can last up to 30 days after application.


The Science of Odor Elimination

Here's how Odorcide Duralast completely eliminates tough odors:

  1. Counteraction/Neutralization. Duralast bonds to odor molecules through a process called “Zaardemaker pairs” and neutralizes the odor.
  2. Absorption. Duralast absorbs the malodor substance so it is no longer exposed to the air or surface.
  3. Bonding (chemisorption). Duralast chemically bonds to malodor molecules for permanent removal.


Of course, the real question is: does it work?


The answer is YES!


So long as it comes into contact with the source of the odor, Duralast will completely and permanently remove it from fabric and carpet fibers. Even if you’ve used other deodorization products on the area, Duralast is still effective.


Where to Use It:

Duralast is designed to work in carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment. You can use it as a pre-spray/soak before cleaning, add it to your solution tank along with your preferred detergent during extraction, use it with a rinse agent, or simply apply it as a post-spray after cleaning.


Odorcide Duralast uses no problematic enzymes, bacteria, oxidizers or olfactory desensitizers to eliminate odors. It is safe for use on any wet-cleanable surface.


As with any product, follow the label directions. Always spot test for colorfastness.


Effectiveness decreased when used with Chlorine solutions.



Directions for Use:

Refer to dilution instructions outlined below to calculate the necessary amount of concentrate needed. Always plan to apply in a manner most conducive to getting Odorcide Duralast to the source of the odor. Product works best when applied to a dry surface. This will ensure its ability to penetrate to the odor source.


Application Recommendations:

Fabrics, upholstery or carpet

  • Soaking or saturating methods are recommended


Dilution Instructions:

Initial application for one-time deodorizing of strong odors

  • Dilute 8 oz per gallon of water or cleaning solution (1:16)


For milder, less severe odors

  • Dilute 4 oz per gallon of water or cleaning solution (1:32)
  • Add 1/2 oz per gallon of water or cleaning agent for repeat janitorial use (1:256)


For more serious odors, use Odorcide Original or Odorcide Fresh Scent. 




More Information
Material Carpet|Upholstery
Category Deodorizers
pH 5.75
Brand Odorcide
Application Method Solution Additive
Chemical Type Water Based
Type Liquid
Condition new
Manufacturer Model Number 210DUR-PEACH
Scent Peach
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)