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Odorcide 210 Concentrate, Marijuana

  • Safely and effectively eliminates marijuana odors
  • Works fast on all hard and soft surfaces
  • pH: 5.75
  • Can be applied via spraying, fogging, or added to cleaning solutions
  • Dilute 4–8 oz per gallon of water
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Odorcide 210 Concentrate, Marijuana (PINT)
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Odorcide 210 Concentrate, Marijuana (GL)
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Odorcide 210 Concentrate, Marijuana (4 GL)
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Product Information

Completely Eliminates Cannabis Odors
from Furniture, Carpet, Walls, and More!

Marijuana has a unique and pervasive smell that, much like cigarette and tobacco odors, accumulates over time and settles deep into walls, furniture, carpet, and drapes.


Odorcide Marijuana was developed to specifically counteract that pungent smell and completely eliminate it from both hard and soft surfaces.


It works through a process of counteraction and chemical absorption that surrounds and encapsulates the malodor at the molecular level. Odorcide is not a masking agent—it completely neutralizes cannabis odors for effective removal. There's no need to rinse or clean the area after application. Once Odorcide has dried, the odor will be gone!


Odorcide is highly concentrated for economy and can be mixed with water or your preferred cleaning agent, such as a carpet cleaning pre-spray or detergent. It is designed to work in pressurized or trigger sprayers on small affected areas or materials such as drapery, upholstery, furniture, bedding, etc. For treating larger areas, Odorcide can also be used in wet-mist fogging systems, such as tri-jet, ULV, etc.


Use Odorcide to eliminate pot odors in homes, apartments, dorm rooms, and even vehicle interiors. To treat vehicle interiors, spray and wipe Odorcide Marijuana on all surfaces. It can also be sprayed into the air handling system.



Directions for Use:

Sprayer/Cleaning Application:

Add 4–8 oz of concentrate to 1 gallon of water or cleaning agent. Apply directly to surfaces affected by the odor ensuring the product reaches the odor source. Absorbent cloth materials must be saturated to guarantee the solution reaches the malodor. If possible, allow the items to air dry (fans or dryers can be used to accelerate the process). Repeat, if necessary, to effectively reach the odor source in all areas.


Fogger Systems: 

Remove all unattached items such as drapes, rugs, furniture, etc. from the affected area, close all windows and doors, cover any sensitive items that can’t be removed and turn on the central heating/air conditioning system. Dilute product per label instructions and add to the fogger, carefully following the directions supplied with the unit. Ensure all people and pets are out of the area.

Fans help force Odorcide Marijuana into cracks and crevices where the odor source may be difficult to treat. The length of time fogging depends on the severity of the odor and the size of the affected area. The concentration can also be varied depending on the severity of the odor. For extreme situations, Odorcide Marijuana can be used in conjunction with ozone treatments to maximize effectiveness.



Dilute 4–8 oz per gallon of water into a trigger sprayer or ULV fogging system. Lightly spray onto interior surfaces of the vehicle and into the exhaust ports/vents of the heating/air conditioning system. Allow to air dry and use fans if possible. Repeat, if necessary, to eliminate any remaining odor.



More Information
Brand Odorcide
Application Method Spray, Wet Fog
Chemical Type Water Based
Product Type Liquid
Scent Pleasant
pH 5.75
Category Deodorizers
Condition New
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
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