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N95 Particulate Respirator with Organic Vapor Relief (20 PK)

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  • N95 with Nuisance Level Organic Vapor Relief
  • Maintenance-free
  • Meets NIOSH 42 CFR84 standards
  • 20 per box
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Product Information

Use this N95 particulate respirator in environments where organic vapors are present, this respirator provides at least 95% filtration efficiency for particles. Safe in areas where organic level concentration is below OSHA PEL.


  • Collapse resistant
  • Use against particulates free of oil
  • Low profile works well with eyewear
  • Durable double straps
  • Masks are packed in a sealed inner bag
  • Contoured adjustable nosepiece

Use For:
Effective against, but not limited to, particulates from processing minerals, coal, iron ore and flour and nuisance organic vapors below OSHA PEL. Liquid particles from sprays must be non-oil-based and also must not emit oil aerosols or vapors.

Use Limitations:

  1. DO NOT use this respirator or enter or stay in a contaminated area if:
    1. Atmosphere contains oil-based particulates
    2. In sandblasting, paint spraying, or asbestos
    3. For protection against gases or vapors
    4. Concentration levels exceed maximum use concentrations in applicable OSHA standards or applicable government regulations or 10 times the PEL, whichever is lower. 1 atmosphere contains less than 19.5% oxygen
  2. DO NOT modify or misuse the respirator.
  3. DO NOT use this respirator if facial hair interferes with the contact between the face and the edge of the respirator, or any other condition that may prevent a good face seal.



1) It is the responsibility of the user to determine the suitability of this respirator, if any, for the intended use. The user must be fit-trained by the employer in the correct use of this respirator in compliance with applicable health and safety regulations.
2) Discard the respirator and replace it with a new one if:

  • Clogging of the respirator causes breathing difficulty
  • The respirator becomes damaged
  • You taste or smell contaminates


More Information
Brand Provided by Jon-Don
Size One Size Fits All
Respirator Efficiency N95
Category Single Use Respirators
Condition new