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MR‑F.O.G. Microbial Cleaner (5 GL)

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  • Great on concrete floors and porous surfaces
  • Attacks surface level food, oil, and grease 
  • Microbial formula eliminates odors
  • Will not etch concrete
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Product Information

Safely Remove Fats, Oils, and Grease from Concrete or Tile Floors Without Etching

MR-F.O.G. is a concentrated microbial cleaner designed to remove and remediate fats, oils, grease, protein, cellulose, and starch. This powerful formula can be used to clean surfaces, prepare floors for sealing or topcoats, and even clean grease traps and septic tanks.


This unique formula penetrates into all cracks, crevices, and pores of the surface being cleaned. It removes the most stubborn, deeply embedded grease and grime, leaving surfaces noticeably cleaner and free of any residues.


MR-F.O.G. is a great choice for greasy restaurants and food processing facilities where drain lines and clogged grease traps are a common problem. MR-F.O.G. can also be used to clean slick floors, clean up blood, vomit, and animal and human waste.


This product eliminates the need for excessive pumping in septic tanks and waste treatment facilities. The microbes will consume toilet tissue, hair, starches, proteins, and other organic waste that routine clogs tanks and drain fields.


The microbes in MR-F.O.G. degrade and eliminate organic odor-causing materials, providing long-term odor control.


Surfaces treated with MR-F.O.G. do not need to be neutralized. The microbes will not etch concrete, contain no caustics or acids, and are pH neutral.


This product is certified with the NSF Non-foods Compounds Registration Program.



Directions for Application:


Step 1: Dilute

F.O.G. is a concentrated product which will need to be diluted with water before use.  Refer to product label for dilution instructions.


Step 2: Wet the floor and apply the microbes

Simply moisten area to be cleaned with water and pour directly on surface or apply with a sprayer. 


Step 3: Agitate

Agitation helps disperse the microbes and helps break down the fats, oils, and grease for faster digestion. Agitate the floor periodically, and keep the floor moist while the bacteria are working.  Leave F.O.G. on surface for a minimum of 15–30 minutes.  Keep in mind that some floors have been exposed to oil for many years.  If recoating or sealing microbes may need a longer time to completely digest all the contamination.


Step 4: Rinse the floor

Rinse to a drain. Dry the floor thoroughly and coat according to coating manufacturers recommendation if applicable (Note: Microbes do not etch concrete).



  • MR FOG has a 2-year shelf life after opening the container 
  • Close container tightly after each use
  • Store in original container only
  • Store in and use in temperatures between 32–130°F


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Max Coverage Per Gallon 200 - 250
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