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The Mopster™ 16‑Inch Bucketless Mopping System

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  • Eliminates waste water completely
  • Reduces water and chemical usage
  • Includes handle assembly, dispensing bottle, frame, microfiber pad, and chemical identification sheet
  • 16" frame fits 18" pads
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Product Information

Tired of dragging around a mop bucket everywhere you go?

Try the Mopster Bucketless Handle!



This complete mopping system includes a 32-ounce dispensing bottle attached to a 54” handle. The mop head features a 16” Velcro frame that securely holds your cleaning pad in place as you push it across the floor.


The Mopster completely eliminates waste water, plus it saves money by reducing your overall chemical usage. This handy cleaning tool also reduces you labor expenses. You no longer have to stop and empty and refill a mop bucket. Just switch out the dirty pad or pop in a new bottle of solution, and keep right on cleaning!


The Mopster also helps to reduce slip-and-fall accidents. Since less water and chemical is used, floors dry faster, making them safer for staff and building occupants. 


The Mopster features a durable, ultra-light construction coupled with an ergonomic handle, so maneuvering the unit in any direction is a breeze.


You can easily swap out your bottles of cleaning solution thanks to the “swap-n-go” modularity of the system. Just pop out the old bottle and pop in a new one—it’s that easy. The frame and mop heads switch out just as easily.


Changing the solution in the bottle is easy, too. A translucent graduated scale on the dispensing bottle identifies the fill level in both ounces and milliliters. A wide-mouth opening makes filling and pouring quick and mess-free.


A durable, ultra-light construction and an easy to hold ergonomic end-of-handle TPR ball allows for smooth operation and reduced user fatigue.



  • Eliminates waste water completely
  • Saves money on chemicals by using only what you need
  • Reduces water usage
  • Ergonomic design eliminates potential injury from filling and emptying mop buckets
  • Saves labor involved in filling buckets and wringing out mops
  • Shorter drying times reduce the risk of slip-and-fall injuries


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