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Midwest Rake Easy Squeegee™ Frame & Clamp, 18 Inch

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  • 18-inch frame, pre-assembled
  • Application blades sold separately
  • Includes 5 thumb screws
  • Cleanable and reusable
  • Threaded handle adapter
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Product Information

The Ultimate Application Squeegee!

Self-Leveling, Self-Locating with Multiple Color-Coded Blade Options


Self-Leveling, Self-Locating
The key to a successful coating application is a squeegee blade that’s square to the floor—every time.


The Easy Squeegee features a unique self-leveling, self-locating design that ensures consistent blade placement, regardless of the operator. This is made possible by raised screw bosses that keep the blade straight, level, and in perfect contact with the floor.


Predictable and Consistent Mil Delivery
Many operators struggle to determine which blade to use on a job or how notch depth affects wet film thickness (WFT) or wet film spread rate (WFSR). The Easy Squeegee eliminates the guesswork and inconsistency by providing four unique frame styles and eight blade options (sold separately) for applying just about any coating, from 4–60+ WFT Mils.


Have complete confidence in materials application thanks to intelligent blade identification. Not only are all blades color-coded, they’re also inscribed with WFT / WFSR information, making it easy to select the right blade in the field once the blade is out of the packaging.




Mils (if applicable)

Special Notes


Flat Flexible


Softer feel, ideal for corners, walls, and tight places


Flat Stiff


Traditional, moderately stiff flat blade, capable of delivering 5–10 mil coating application



5–7 WFT Mils*

WFSR: 230–320 sq ft/gal, scalloped design for best performance and results for ultra-thin film coatings



8–12 WFT Mils*

WFSR: 133–200 sq ft/gal, workhorse blade for coating applications under 12 mil



15–20 WFT Mils

WFSR: 80–106 sq ft/gal, V-notched, great for metallic coatings



25–30 WFT Mils




40–45 WFT Mils




50–60 WFT Mils



*Yes! Two options for less than 12 WFT Mils delivery!


Easy to Clean
With traditional aluminum frame application squeegees, almost impossible to remove cured material from the squeegee frame. The Easy Squeegee solves this headache with Cured Coatings Release™ technology.


Just give the frame a gentle twist to release cured/dried-on material. With Multi Materials Release™ technology, a wide variety of materials releases easily, including epoxy, single and dual-component urethanes, polyaspartics, and moisture-cured urethanes.


In just a few seconds, the dried material easily peels off for fast, simple cleaning in the field or in between jobs.


Unique Design Keeps Fasteners Clean
A big problem with traditional squeegees is that the fasteners quickly become covered in material, making it difficult—and messy—to remove and clean them.


The fasteners on the Easy Squeegee are located high on the frame and out of the way of the material. The threads for the fasteners remain protected and pristine throughout the entire job.


Ergonomic, Lightweight Frame
The lightweight frame is angled for optimum application and user comfort. This tool is engineered for reduced fatigue and operator comfort, even with extended use. 



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Width 18
Brand PowerPush
Category Frames
Condition New
Manufacturer Model Number 78255