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MediClean® Disinfectant Spray Plus (formerly Microban®)

  • EPA-registered disinfectant
  • Kills allergy and disease-causing germs
  • Long-lasting residual protection
  • pH: 6.5–7.5
  • Ready to use
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MediClean® Disinfectant Spray Plus (1 GL)
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Mfr. Model # 22-152-1-000
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MediClean® Disinfectant Spray Plus (4 GL)
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MediClean® Disinfectant Spray Plus (5 GL)
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MediClean® Disinfectant Spray Plus (55 GL)
Item # US-MBHS-55
Mfr. Model # 221524000
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Product Information

MediClean Disinfectant Spray Plus is a water-based bactericide, fungicide, deodorizer, and antimicrobial all in one unique formulation.


One application kills allergy- and disease-causing germs, fungi, mold, and mildew. It kills odor-causing bacteria, including gram negative bacteria - the bacteria encountered in sewage backups and toilet overflow situations.


MediClean Disinfectant Spray Plus also provides long-lasting residual protection, so it keeps working, preventing germs and fungi from growing on surfaces long after application. Major insurance companies recognize MediClean Disinfectant Spray for treatment on water losses.


MediClean Disinfectant Spray Plus is EPA registered for many decontamination applications, including water damage restoration, sewage backups, removal of carcasses, toilet overflow situations, and more. It is also EPA registered for both spray and fogging applications. EPA registration number: 70385-5


Apply to hard surfaces, carpet, upholstery, and mattresses - just about any surface in need of cleaning and disinfecting.


General Method of Application

Surfaces and objects must be cleaned of gross filth with suitable detergent before treatment. Spray surfaces and articles until thoroughly wet, use enough so that treated surfaces and objects remain wet for at least 10 minutes. May be applied with a sponge to impervious covers and surfaces, allowing to dry for 10 minutes. For fogging and other large volume applications use appropriate spraying equipment, protective clothing, gloves and respirator. Heavily treated spaces should be adequately ventilated and not reentered for at least one hour after treatment.


Use Instructions:

  1. Apply via sprayer* to porous surfaces at a rate of 1,500 square feet per gallon.
    Spray until moist.
  2. Brush into carpeting, and allow 10-20 minutes for drying.
  3. See label for additional application instructions.

* ULV fogger (ultra low volume), pump-up sprayer, foam generator/sprayer or an airless paint sprayer.


MediClean Disinfectant Spray Plus vs. Bleach

When flood events occur, many people call us and ask about using bleach to clean and disinfect water damaged surfaces. MediClean Disinfectant Spray Plus (MDSP) is the top choice of restoration professionals for many reasons.


Six key reasons why MediClean (MDSP) is superior to bleach:

  1. Bleach is quite caustic and irritating. MediClean Disinfectant Spray Plus (MDSP) has a neutral pH and is non-corrosive.

  2. Bleach can corrode metals and damage fiber dyes. MDSP will not damage these surfaces.

  3. Bleach doesn't provide residual protection after initial application. MDSP has both bacteriostatic and fungistatic capability.

  4. Bleach leaves significant amounts of residue that can be quite difficult to remove. MDSP has minimal residue.

  5. Bleach is unstable and can easily emit toxic fumes if improperly handled.

  6. Bleach is often more expensive to use in disinfectant situations.




Disinfectant Spray Plus is also available in a fragrance-free version (Recommended for use in HVAC systems).

- MediClean Disinfectant Spray Plus has no insecticide capabilities. See MediClean X-590

- Not available in California.



More Information
Brand ProRestore
Application Method Spray
EPA Registered Yes
Product Type Liquid
pH 6.5 - 7.5
Dilution RTU
Scent Mint
Category Disinfectants, Phenolic Disinfectant, Sanitizers
Condition new
Xactimate Code WTR GRM
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
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