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Metzger/McGuire SRG Surface Refinement Grout, Neutral

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Metzger/McGuire SRG Surface Refinement Grout, Neutral, 2‑Gallon Kit (1 GL Part A, 1 GL Part B)
Mfr. Model # 2GL SRG
2 Gallon Kit    Qty: 1
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Metzger/McGuire SRG Surface Refinement Grout, Neutral, Part A (5 GL)
Item # CU-MMSRGA-05
Mfr. Model # 5GL SRG PART A
5 Gallon    Qty: 1
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Metzger/McGuire SRG Surface Refinement Grout, Neutral, Part B (5 GL)
Item # CU-MMSRGB-05
Mfr. Model # 5GL SRG PART B
5 Gallon    Qty: 1
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  • Base resins; cures to a milky white color (color packs sold separately)
  • Rapid setting, ready for grinding in 1 hour
  • Low-odor, 95% solids
  • Hardness of Shore D70-75
  • Fills and repairs concrete floor surface imperfections

Product Information

Choose this Low-Odor, Rapid-Setting Rigid Structural Polymer for Smoother, Denser Repairs!


SRG is a two-component, 95% solids structural polyurethane/polyurea hybrid. When cured, this rigid structural polymer will fill/repair concrete floor surface imperfections, such as air holes, popouts, surface pitting, scratches, gouges, etc.


SRG has a low-viscosity formula that allows it to penetrate deep into very small surface pits and imperfections, resulting in a smoother, denser floor surface.  


This minimal odor, rapid-set formula allows for quick access to floor areas for traffic or grinding as early as 1 hour after application (at 70°F).


SRG is available in 9 colors, making it easy to find the shade to camouflage floor surface pitting and surface imperfections. Note: The base resins cure to a milky white color. Additional color packs sold separately.


SRG is designed for use in commercial or retail polished concrete floors where final building temperatures are 32°F (0°C) to +120°F (49°C).


Shore A Hardness: D70-75


LEED Compliant: Yes


PLEASE NOTE: All orders of the 2-gallon SRG kit (1 gallon Part A and 1 gallon Part B) include one (1) free color pack of your choice.  All orders of the 10-gallon SRG kit (5 gallon Part A and 5 gallon Part B) include five (5) free color packs of your choice.


To ensure you receive your free color packs, please call 800-400-9473 to place your order.


Color packs are required when installing SRG to ensure the product is properly ratioed.



Project Conditions:

SRG is designed for use in concrete floors at temperatures of 32°F (0°C) or higher; lower temperatures will extend initial cure time. SRG is moisture sensitive. Concrete should be clean and dry prior to installation of material. If moisture is present, material will exhibit bubbling/moisture reaction. For best defect penetration, floor should be thoroughly cleaned using scrubber with dry brushes and vacuumed completely.



Color Packs - Each SRG color pack will color one gallon of Part “A” Polyol. Empty complete contents of pouch into one gallon of Part “A” polyol and thoroughly mix until uniform color is achieved. After pigmenting, mix Part “A” polyol with Part “B” ISO at a 1:1 ratio as outlined below.


Mixing - SRG should be mixed at a 1A:1B ratio by volume. Upon combining, mixture should be mechanically mixed with a paint paddle on a slow-speed drill for 45 seconds, until thoroughly blended prior to applying material to floor surface. Material should be preconditioned to 65°F–75°F for best results and designed work time.


Application - Apply material generously on the floor and work into the surface using a metal smoother, rigid-edged trowel or screeding device. Monitor surface for air holes resulting from entrapped air and re-apply as needed. In some cases, more than one coat will be required for best results. If two coats are desired, first coat should be ground off prior to installing a second coat.



More Information
Brand Metzger McGuire
Category Concrete Patch
Color Milky White
Material Concrete
solids (%) 95
Condition New
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)