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Metzger/McGuire M‑Flush

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Metzger/McGuire M‑Flush (5 GL)
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Metzger/McGuire M‑Flush
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  • Designed to flush and maintain dual-component pump dispensing systems
  • Will remove polyureas, polyurethanes, and epoxies
  • Can be used for both parts and tank cleaning
  • No VOCs; low to no odor

Product Information

Keep your pump dispensing systems and equipment in good working order with M-Flush from Metzger/McGuire!


This single-component liquid polymer is specifically designed to maintain and flush dual-component pump dispensing systems. It will also remove cured materials, such as polyureas, polyurethanes, and epoxies, that have built up on equipment, tools, tanks, and pump parts.


M-Flush contains no VOCs and has very little to no odor. It is nonflammable and has a low evaporation rate.


This product will not damage PFTE or Teflon seals and gaskets. However, M-Flush should not be used with certain vulcanized rubber gaskets and O-rings, as swelling may occur.


When properly strained of contaminants, M-Flush can be reused, making this a very economical and product that can help maintain your pump dispensing systems over the long haul.



  • M-Flush is intended for the cleaning and flushing of pumping equipment and should never be used as a hand cleaner or as an alternate cleaner for anything other than the intended purpose of the product
  • M-Flush is not intended to replace the need for proper pump cleaning and maintenance, nor should it be expected to restore pump metering ratio or operational performance


Note: M-Flush is intended for industrial use only. Use only in well-ventilated areas. As will all solvents and industrial chemicals, practice all appropriate safety precautions (clear work area, NIOSH approved hand (butyl or neoprene gloves recommended), eye, and face protection, etc.). Thoroughly read and understand MSDS and product instructions prior to using material. 




Basic Use:

When used as a flush, M-Flush should be added to the pumping system after dispensing of existing material/polymers and allowed to dwell within the system for 5–10 minutes. For pumps fitted with grease Zerk fittings, lubrication should be performed at this time. After lubrication, M-Flush should be completely dispensed from the pumping system and replaced with storage oil for fluid as recommended by the specific pump manufacturer.


When used as a cleaner, M-Flush should be allowed to sit within the pump system for several hours or longer (typically 8–24 hours). After dwell time, complete disassembly of the pumping components should be performed to remove all traces of softened material and contamination, and then components can be re-assembled. A repeat flush, as outlined above, should then be performed.


Caution: When using to soak individual parts or as a pump system cleaner, M-Flush will soften built-up contaminants after long periods of saturation or dwell. It is imperative that complete disassembly and manual cleaning of the system components be performed prior to next pump use. Warning: disregarding this step may lead to an off-ration pumping condition as dislodged or partially softened materials may cause pump clogging, hose or line restriction, and/or blockage of the dispensing want manifold assembly. 



More Information
Category Rinses
Brand Metzger McGuire
Condition new
Manufacturer Model Number MMMF-1
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)