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Injectidry Infrared Heating Panel Package

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2 Panel Kit    Qty: 1
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  • Includes 2 16" x 46" panels, 8 legs/feet and attached power cord
  • Focuses heat on wet areas only
  • Dramatically reduces energy consumption
  • Speeds up drying process
  • Protects unaffected materials from unnecessary heat exposure
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Product Information

Achieve Faster, More Efficient Drying with Injectidry Infrared Heating Panels!


Injectidry Infrared Heating Panels are new, state-of-the-art technology that allows restoration professionals to dry areas faster while using significantly less energy.


Each panel is designed to directly heat ONLY the wet surface, resulting in dramatically more efficient drying using only 400 watts of energy (roughly 25% of a typical hair dryer!).


Typical drying methods require heating the air around a surface and then waiting for it to heat up the surface itself. This is the least efficient method of transferring energy and enhancing evaporation.


With Injectidry Infrared Heating Panels, you can direct heat exactly where it needs to go. Not only does this dry affected materials faster, but it also protects unaffected materials from unnecessary and potentially damaging heat exposure.


Injectidry Infrared Heating Panels can be used on the following substrates/materials:

  • Drywall (single or multi-layer)
  • Lathe and Plaster
  • Concrete Floors and Walls
  • Gypcrete/Light Weight Concrete
  • Stone and Masonry
  • Ceramic and Porcelain Tile
  • Structural Framing
  • Wood Subflooring
  • Exterior Sheathing


Kit Includes: 

  • 2 Infrared Panels (16” X 46”)
  • 8 legs/feet
  • Attached power cord
  • 400 watts (3.5 amps) 115 volts


*Warning: Do not attempt to heat paper, cardboard, or other heat-sensitive materials.



CAUTION: Do not use to dry or heat up finished wood or finished wood flooring. The heat might cause damage to such materials.


The label side is non-heat-producing. Place the other side toward the wet materials.


Do not attempt to heat paper, cardboard or other heat sensitive materials.



More Information
Amps 3.5
Powered By Electric
Brand Injectidry
Volts 110/115
Category Floor and Cavity Drying, Heaters, Portable Heating Systems
Condition New
Manufacturer Model Number IR-P
Xactimate Code WTR HTBL
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