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Kitchen and Break Room Cleaning and Maintenance

Kitchens and break rooms have a direct impact on employee morale, so it is essential that they be kept clean and well maintained. Dirty kitchens and break rooms often contribute to poor morale and a low level of respect for the company. In some organizations, kitchens and break rooms double as customer lounges, further necessitating the need for the space to be as clean as possible.


Many kitchens, break rooms, or employee lounges are equipped with many or all of the following items: microwave, refrigerator, vending machines, water cooler, and coffee makers. The areas around these appliances and machines are often the messiest part of the room. You can expect to see food and liquid spills, discarded wrappers, cups, straws, napkins, etc.


In addition to being unsightly, the messy areas of a kitchen or break rooms can present a safety hazard. Wet floors are slip hazards, and dirty countertops and food-handling surfaces can be breeding grounds for bacteria, mold, and insects.


It is essential that all facilities with a kitchen, break rooms, or lounge area institute a regular maintenance schedule that requires these areas to be cleaned on a daily basis.


Four Tips for kitchen cleaning:

  1. Start at the top and work your way down
    Begin by dusting ceilings, air conditioning vents, and oven hoods. The goal is to bring any dust and dirt from the highest level down to the floor where you can sweep and mop it away.

  2. Clean from dry to wet
    Begin with dust mopping surfaces and floors, removing dust, dirt, crumbs, and other debris. Next, follow up with spray-and-wipe cleaning and wet mopping to remove residues and spills.

  3. Don’t forget about the inside of appliances
    Clean the inside of microwaves, toaster ovens, and refrigerators. • Work toward the door. Don’t clean yourself into a corner! Start at the far end of the room and clean in the direction toward the door.

  4. Use air movers to speed drying
    After mopping floors, be sure to set out an air mover or two to speed dry floors. Since these areas are used quite frequently throughout the day, it is important to get them clean and dry as fast as possible.


Jon-Don has a full selection of cleaning products and supplies specifically designed for the surfaces in kitchens, break rooms, and lounges. Customers can also request a FREE Guide to Basic Cleaning Techniques, available in English and Spanish. This full-color guide will guide cleaning contractors step by step through basic cleaning tasks for the majority of commercial building maintenance.


For assistance in selecting the right supplies for your job, please contact one of our Janitorial Experts at 800-556-6366.

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