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Wood Floor Care

Wood floors, from natural hardwoods to engineered woods (laminate), are found in homes and businesses everywhere. From kitchens and living rooms to office entryways, gymnasiums, and basketball courts, wood floors represent a significant investment that must be protected. 

Even the most durable wood floor needs special care to rejuvenate its appearance from time to time. Scuffs and scratches caused by foot traffic, rolling office chairs, bleachers, or simply everyday life take their toll on the wood floor. 

To maintain the beauty and aesthetic appearance of wood floors, regular preventative maintenance with proper chemicals and equipment is essential. Preventative maintenance begins with a good entrance matting program that catches dirt, grit and dust. Regular dust mopping, spot mopping, and damp mopping will help maintain a high level of appearance for up to a year before restorative procedures must be performed. 

Wood Floor Cleaning Tips

These tips are also applicable for laminate, parquet, cork, and bamboo flooring.

  • Clean spills immediately. The longer substances – particularly liquids – are left on the floor, the more likely they are to cause stains, warping, or scratches in the finish.
  • Prepare the floor. Start by removing all caked-on mud, chewing gum, and other debris from the floor. Vacuum thoroughly to remove soils, paying special attention to corners.
  • Use the right products. Use only specially formulated wood floor cleaners to ensure the best results, avoid leaving a residue, and prevent damage to the floor.
  • Keep the floor dry. During the winter months in particular, floorboards tend to shrink and the gaps between them tend to widen, trapping liquid. Keep floors dry by using air movers after cleaning. Note: Always utilize good solution control measures. Water is a wood floor’s worst enemy.
  • If using an auto scrubber,
    • Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for cleaning the floor. If the floor is brand new or less than a year old, an auto scrubber may jeopardize the warranty.
    • Always use a clean, soft, dedicated cleaning pad, preferably white or a burnishing pad. Never use a pad that has been used on other floors of the facility.
    • Thoroughly rinse out the solution tank to remove any unwanted harsh cleaning chemicals. 

For tips and procedures for refinishing a wood floor, please contact a Jon-Don Wood Floor Specialist at 800-556-6366. We carry a wide selection of specialty wood floor cleaning equipment and products that can clean, revitalize, and restore wood floors to a like-new appearance.

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  1. Squeaky Concentrate Commercial Floor Cleaner
    Basic Coatings Squeaky™ Concentrate Commercial Floor Cleaner

    Tough on dirt, gentle on floors, Squeaky is an excellent commercial-grade cleaner for all wood and laminate floors. Its formula boasts environmentally safe properties and will clean without leaving a dulling residue.

    • Excellent choice for routine cleaning of dirt, grease, and scuffs
    • Mix with water
    • pH: 7.0-9.0
    • Tough on dirt, gentle on wood, laminate and tile floors
    • Dilute 32 ounces per gallon of water

    Starting at $22.85

  2. Basic Coatings Intensive Floor Treatment
    Basic Coatings Intensive Floor Treatment

    IFT is an aggressive cleaner that easily removes ground-in dirt, body oils, shoe marks, ball scuffs, spilled beverages, etc.

    • Aggressive wood floor cleaner
    • Removes ground in dirt and body oils
    • pH: 12.0–14.0
    • First step in the TyKote Dustless Cleaning System
    • Dilute 32 ounces per gallon of water

    Starting at $34.90

  3. Sale
    Basic Coatings® Dirt Dragon™ Wood Floor Scrubber, 15 Inch
    Basic Coatings® Dirt Dragon™ Wood Floor Scrubber, 15 Inch

    Basic Coatings Dirt Dragon is specifically engineered to clean wood floors without damaging the finish. This machine makes wood floor care easy! Features like a custom-designed cylindrical brush and powerful vacuum recovery system make cleaning even the dirtiest wood floors a cinch!

    • Cleans wood floors without damaging the finish
    • Custom-designed scrub brush
    • 15-inch cleaning path
    • 800 RPM
    Regular Price $3,940.00 Special Price $3,733.55
  4. Minuteman E20 Auto Scrubber, 20 Inch
    Minuteman E20 Auto Scrubber, 20 Inch

    The Minuteman E20 offers high performance, a compact, sleek design, and the user-friendly features that you need to get the job done fast. Enjoy tool-free bush and squeegee removal plus one-button operation. Ths ultra-quiet unit (70 dB) delivers high productivity rates for busy facilities.

    • Compact design; easy one-button operation
    • Brush speed: 180 RPM
    • 33” squeegee
    • Coverage: 27,000 sq ft/hour
    • 12-gallon solution tank; 13-gallon recovery tank
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