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Polishing Natural Stone Floors

The following procedures help to create a high shine finish on natural stone flooring. Always test in a small, inconspicuous area to determine ease of application and desired results. Allow new grout installations to cure for a minimum of 72 hours prior to application. Make sure surface is clean, dry, and free of waxes and coatings.


  1. If surface is heavily soiled, pre-clean with DuPont StoneTechKlenzAll.
  2. Mask off and protect any baseboards or adjacent areas to avoid splashing and overspray onto surfaces not intended to be treated.
  3. If using Shining Powder following the use of Polishing Powder, ensure that the surface is well rinsed and a new pad is used.
  4. Ensure surface is flat and smooth. Deep scratches or strong acid etching may require refinishing with Honing Powder and/or Polishing Powder prior to using Shining Powder.
  5. Apply approximately 1/2 cup Shining Powder plus 1 cup clean water to stone surface.
  6. Refinish area with hand buffer or weighted 175 RPM floor machine at 130-140 lbs, fitted with a natural hair pad.
  7. Keep Shining Powder wet with water while refinishing. Add Shining Powder as needed
  8. Refinish area until desired level of desired shine is achieved.
  9. Rinse well and use wet vacuum or hot water extraction unit to remove all remaining Shining Powder.
  10. Clean equipment with water.


Using Diamond Encrusted Pads to Hone and Polish Stone Floors 


How to Polish Stone Floors Using Diamond Polishing Pads


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