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Stripping Floor without Machinery

Machineless stripping is designed for floors and areas inaccessible to floor machine equipment. A heavier reliance on the stripping solution is needed since agitation from the machine is not available.


  1. Sweep and dust mop floor.
  2. Using a putty knife or chewing gum removing solution, remove gum and sticky substances from floor.
  3. Prepare stripper solution per label directions in mop wringer/bucket set.
  4. Prepare a neutralizing solution in a second mop wringer and bucket set.
  5. Place wet floor signs around the perimeter of the room.
  6. Using a cotton mop generously apply stripper solution to a 10' x 10' floor area using care to not splash any on the walls.
  7. Let solution dwell for label recommended amount of time (usually about 3-5 minutes).
  8. Wet vacuum stripper and slurry solution from floor.
  9. Using a separate mop and the neutralizing solution, rinse floor, including cleaning baseboards, with the final rinse.

Warning: Always test material for colorfastness, follow label directions, and never mix product unless specified in the label directions. Each situation reacts differently and results may vary.

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  1. Unitex® Melt Down Plus Floor Stripper
    Unitex® Melt Down Plus Floor Stripper

    Melt Down Plus is fast-acting, and was specifically developed to quickly strip multiple coats of burnished finish from a variety of floors. Its rinse-free, low-pH formula requires no neutralization after use. This low-odor formula is ideal for use in occupied areas or around sensitive individuals.

    • No neutralizing required; non-ammoniated formulation
    • Easy to use, low-odor formula
    • pH: 11.8–12.8; pH at dilution: 11.0–11.4
    • Variable dilutions
    • Covers 400 sq ft per gallon

    Starting at $22.18

  2. Utility Pads, Black
    Utility Pads, Black

    When you need basics, this 5-pack of black pads will get you through a long list of stripping jobs on baseboards and small floor areas, but it packs a punch on grills, griddles, ovens, broilers, shop tools, brickwork, and concrete, too.

    • Ideal for baseboards and stripping tasks
    • Use with utility pad holder
    • Aggressive pad for hard-to-clean surfaces
    • Sold 5 per package or 20 per case
    • Black color

    Starting at $6.53

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