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Stripping Hard Flooring Using the Dry Strip Method

Dry stripping is a way of removing old finish from the floor through the use of friction. The powder buildup this creates is then dry vacuumed up. A large supply of stripping pads should be handy for dry stripping. Do not use dry stripping on vinyl asbestos tile due to the possibility of putting asbestos into the air.


  1. Sweep and dust mop the floor with a treated dust mop.
  2. Using a putty knife or chewing gum remover, remove gum and sticky substances.
  3. In a mop wringer and bucket set, prepare a neutralizing rinse solution per label directions.
  4. Put wet floor signs at perimeter of area to be stripped.
  5. Attach black floor pads to the bottom of a floor machine and use constant slow circular motions on floor. Overlap areas as you go.
  6. When pad becomes overloaded or dulled, change it. This will happen often.
  7. Using a wet/dry vacuum with the dry pickup bag in place, vacuum the area.
  8. Dust mop area with an untreated dust mop.
  9. Wet mop area with the neutralizing solution.

Warning: Always test material for colorfastness, follow label directions, and never mix product unless specified in the label directions. Each situation reacts differently and results may vary.

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