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GelMaxx AQUAmaxx

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  • Separates clear water from slurry
  • Water can be recycled into job site equipment
  • No special machinery required
  • Only 1 tablespoon needed per 1 gallon of slurry
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Product Information

AQUAmaxx is an efficient and EPA-compliant solution for slurry wastewater containment and disposal. AQUAmaxx is a proprietary blend with special additives that quickly separates suspended solids from processed slurry water.


Within minutes, light, medium, and even heavy concrete slurry is separated and settles to the bottom of the container, leaving clear, usable water on top. The water can be treated for pH balance and disposed of, or even recycled back into the grinding machinery over and over again. On jobs where budget is tight and access to water is limited, AQUAmaxx is a real life-saver. 


Just one tablespoon of AQUAmaxx per gallon slurry is all that is needed. This product is easy to use and requires no special equipment to do the job!



More Information
Brand GelMaxx
Category Concrete Waste Containment
Condition New
Manufacturer Model Number AQUAMAXX 1GALLON
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)