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FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras & Moisture Cameras


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  1. FLIR MR176 Moisture Meter Pro Kit
    FLIR MR176 Moisture Meter Pro Kit

    The MR176 Pro Kit is designed to allow restoration professionals to take fast, accurate moisture measurements throughout any facility. Featuring the MR176 all-in-one tool plus the MR08 probe and MR01 temp and RH sensor, you can perform a complete inspection anytime, anywhere.

    • Free Shipping!
    • Precise moisture readings with the MR176
    • Penetrating and non-penetrating measurements
    • Convenient and easy to use
    • Includes replaceable temperature and RH sensor
  2. FLIR MR176 Remediation Kit
    FLIR MR176 Remediation Kit

    The MR176 Remediation Kit includes the tools you need to perform through, high-quality inspections on any type of structure, big or small. Featuring the MR176 Imaging Moisture Meter Plus with IGM and the FLIR E6, this is the ultimate remediation kit.

    • Features MR176, E6, and MR08
    • Target moisture quickly with the MR176
    • E6 provides point-and-shoot simplicity
    • Pin and pinless measurements
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