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EnviroBoss™ EB140 Commercial Dehumidifier

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  • 80 pints water removal AHAM (80°F/60% Rh)
  • Max water removal of 16 gallons
  • 180 CFM, 9.8 amps
  • Dimensions 12.5" x 21.5" x 17.6"
  • Weighs 65 lbs

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Product Information

Improve Plant Growth and Produce Higher Yields with EnviroBoss!


Controlling humidity in your greenhouse, nursery, or grow area is essential to promoting optimal plant growth.


Too little humidity results in dried out foliage and “nutrient burn,” while too much can leave plants susceptible to mold, mildew, and rot. Sub-optimal humidity at different growing stages results in poor nutrient intake, which can affect yield and overall plant quality.


EnviroBoss dehumidifiers are designed to give you complete control over the humidity in your grow area. Digital precision control humidistats allow you to dial in the desired humidity level during critical growth stages.


High-airflow blowers promote good air circulation to aid evaporation, preventing stagnant air and moisture buildup without disturbing plants. The blowers also help to promote cooling, prevent overheating, and prevent moisture damage and disease.  


The user friendly digital interface displays inlet and outlet temperature as well as relative humidity (RH) readings. It works the same as your home thermostat—imply set the desired RH% and the dehumidifier will automatically cycle on and off to maintain the target setting.


EnviroBoss dehumidifiers are ideal for use for in-house cultivation, horticulture cultivators, nurseries, greenhouses, grow rooms, and other horticultural environments.


These units also feature built-in automatic pump-outs that enhance the overall efficiency of your grow operation by diverting collected water for re-use.


All EnviroBoss dehumidifiers are covered by a lifetime limited warranty on the housing and 6 years on the refrigeration system.


Which size EnviroBoss dehumidifier is right for your growing operation?

Plants drink in water AND then evaporate water out via leaves. Nearly 100% of water evaporates back into the air. So, if you water with 10 gallons per day, you need to remove at least 10 gallons per day.


What are the optimal growing humidity levels?

Growing experts recommend that you move from the highest humidity during the early growing stages to lower humidity during the mature growth/flowering stages.

  • 70-80% RH for seedlings and clones
    –a higher humidity level supports water intake through leaves because the root system is still developing.

  • 40-70% RH during the vegetation period
    –as roots grow and evaporate moisture through their leaves, it’s time to begin to reduce humidity. Around 5% a week is recommended.

  • 40-50% Rh during flowering
    –ease the humidity down to slightly lower levels.

  • 30-40% Rh during late flowering
    –lower humidity even more for optimal yield, appearance and quality.


Specs EB140 EB240 EB280
Water Removal (80°F/60% RH) 10 gal 18 gal 21 gal
Water Removal (Max at Saturation) 16 gal 29 gal 30 gal
Power (115V) 9.8 amps 9.8 amps 6.2 amps
Air Movement 180 CFM 80 CFM 400 CFM
Dimensions (H x D x W) 12.5" x 21.5" x 17.6" 33.5" x 20" x 20" 40.5" x 23" x 24"
Weight 65 lbs 115 lbs 158 lbs
Air Filter MERV 11 MERV 11 MERV 11


More Information
Category Greenhouse Dehumidifiers
Brand Provided by Jon-Don
Amps 9.8
Water Removal (AHAM) 10 gal.
Weight 65 lbs
Warranty Information Lifetime from the date of purchase on polyethylene body; Six (6) years from the date of purchase on the compressor and coils; One (1) year from the date of purchase on parts and labor (EXCEPT this warranty does not cover consumable or wear items including, but not limited to, filters, batteries, power cords, belts, cords, switches, valves, hoses, and rubber parts);
Condition New
Manual / Schematic
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