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Endurable Power Stripper

  • Works on almost any sealer, coating, varnish, or paint
  • Easy to apply by roller or mop
  • Non-caustic formula; will not burn skin
  • Coverage: 75–200 sq ft per gallon
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Endurable Power Stripper (8 oz)
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Endurable Power Stripper (GL)
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Endurable Power Stripper (5 GL)
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Product Information

This Amazing Non-Hazardous Stripper Removes Coatings, Sealers, and More!


Endurable Power Stripper is a unique stripper that contains no toxic solvents, no caustics, yet it removes almost any coating, sealer, paint, or varnish on concrete, wood, and most other substrates.


What makes this product so effective is that it has a much slower evaporation rate than typical solvent-based strippers. This allows it to remove several layers of coatings without dissipating and losing strength.


Plus, unlike other strippers, Endurable Power Stripper will not burn skin. There’s no need to wear gloves or hand protection. If you get it on your skin, it will not burn or irritate (though it will eat through any rubber in your clothes or shoes).


Endurable Power Stripper has excellent coverage rates and can be easily applied by a roller or mop.


This unique stripper has a very mild odor, which makes it ideal for use in indoor applications where building occupants are present.


Note: Not recommended for use over resilient surfaces, such as vinyl, VCT, or rubber flooring. 




We highly recommend doing a small test area to determine effectiveness, coverage rate, and time needed for product to work.

  1. Properly mask off areas with polyethylene sheeting and tape before applying product.
  2. Completely wet the surface with Endurable Power Stripper. The best way to apply the stripper is with a mop or a roller. You may use a brush or other type of applicator, but a mop or roller is easiest for large areas.
  3. Allow time for Endurable Power Stripper to work. The coating needs to be completely softened before removal, so allowing the stripper to complete its job is very important. This can take several hours. Covering the material with polyethylene sheeting is an option for keeping the material wet and working, especially in hot conditions. As long as the material is shiny and wet, it is still absorbing and working on the coating. If the material is not shiny, it may require more stripper. DO NOT LET PRODUCT DRY OR YOU MAY HAVE TO REPEAT THE PROCESS. THE COATING MAY RECONSTITUTE IF IT DRIES.
  4. Test the coating to determine if the product is ready for removal. Scratch a small area. If the coating comes up easily, it is ready for removal. If not, let the product continue to work. In some cases, the stripper will make the coating gooey. If this occurs, continue to apply more material and agitate the coating until the product liquefies.
  5. Removal of the coating can be performed with scrapers, high-pressure water, or a low-speed buffer with strip pads or brushes. After the coating is completely removed, clean the surface with soap and water. The slurry can be removed with a wet/dry vacuum.


Product should be applied at temperatures above 45°F. You should not walk on the stripper with rubber- or vinyl-soled shoes as the stripper softens rubber and vinyl.


Remember to not let the Endurable Power Stripper dry out.  If it does dry, simply re-apply a few minutes before you are going to remove the coating to re-emulsify it.


Applying the Endurable Power Stripper with a roller or mop and then agitating it with a coarse nylon brush may help to soften the coating and make it easier to remove.


Sometimes spraying a 1:1 mixture of water and power stripper over the softened coating may make it easier to remove with less cleanup.


You may mix Endurable Power Stripper with the Endurable Vertical Stripper to make a slightly thicker version that will stay wet longer when working on large areas.


When working around a pool deck or fountain, it might be best to shut the pool down until after all coating removal has been finished.  Any residual coating or materials can then be vacuumed out of the pool by a pool cleaning company. They will remove the filters and clean the pool without damaging the equipment.





More Information
Brand Endurable
Type Liquid
Category Strippers
Condition New
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
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