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EnergEdry ELE 6400R Eliminator Electric Heater

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  • Up to 21,849 BTUs
  • 6,400-watt heater
  • 325 CFM
  • Up to 90°F heat rise over ambient
  • Uses 2–5 15-amp 115V circuits
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Product Information

One great unit, TWO great applications:

1. Use independently for heat-based drying applications when only a small supplemental heating source is needed.
2. Use in conjunction with a dehumidifier in cold climates to boost temperatures and increase your equipment's efficiency


The EnergEdry ELE 6400R Eliminator Electric Heater is the newest evolution of heat drying technology a powerful, durable, compact heater with a self-contained fan. Now there is no need to lug around two pieces of equipment the EnergEdry Eliminator provides all the heat and air movement you need in a portable package


The ELE 6400R several distinct advantages over the competition: it contains its own fan, it is temperature controlled at the materials, and it offers greater heat rise than most comparable units.


The EnergEdry Eliminator can create a 90-100 degree temperature rise over ambient conditions, allowing for proper temperature control in positive, neutral or negative pressure environments. The digital thermostat comes with a 12-foot cable and measures temperatures from within the drying area for accurate control of drying temperature.


It will easily dry up to 400 sq ft of carpet, padding, and more. It is perfect for drying wood floors, personal property, structural drying, and cabinets. It can also be used wherever you need a temporary heating source for attics, crawlspaces, basements, and more! Plus, because the unit generates just 275 CFMs, it is easy to contain and control the heat within plastic tenting, giving you more concentrated and effective drying capabilities.


Although the EnergEdry Eliminator works great independently, you can add even greater performance by using it in conjunction with your dehumidifiers. The low-profile design allows you to duct the warm, dry air from your dehumidifier into the EnergEdry Eliminator. The dry air is then heated and funneled back into your drying chamber. This greatly increases your evaporation potential, enabling you to dry even faster!


When the job is done, you can simply pick up the EnergEdry Eliminator and go.
The advanced filaments allow you to shut the system off at any time with complete safety. There is no need to run the fan to cool the heating elements. The units stack easily in your van or warehouse, so storage and transport is a snap!


Talk about power conservation!
The EnergEdry Eliminator is capable of working off of a single 115V circuit. Its "ramp up" power feature allows you to add up to 3 additional circuits, each giving you an additional 22.5 degrees of heat. This allows you to only use the power necessary for your job, instead of having to use full power all the time. This unique feature also allows you to use the available circuits for additional air movers, dehumidifiers, or other equipment needed.


Features and Benefits:

  • Works on 115V circuit or 230V splitter with "Ramp Up" power feature that keeps more circuits available for air movers and dehumidifiers.
  • Temperature rise capability allows for proper temperature control in positive, neutral or negative pressures.
  • Digital thermostat with 12' cable measures temperatures from within the drying or tented area for accurate control of drying temperature.
  • Heavy-duty construction with detachable thermostat for protection.
  • Self-contained fan - Unit comes complete with built-in fan or use regular airmover for high CFM applications.
  • Directed heat drying at materials with temperature control at materials - You set the desired temperature in the tenting or containment for maximum control.
  • Fast heat up capability - Full heat within seconds of turning on.
  • Fast cool down capability - Advanced filaments allow you to shut the system off at any time with complete safety.



  • Heater Element Size: 6,400 Watts (Over 21,000 BTUs)
  • Fan Speed: 1 Speed (325 CFM)
  • Temperature Rise: 90° (22.5 degrees per cord used)
  • Length of Ductability: 15 ft
  • Intake Duct Diameter: 6"
  • Exhaust Duct Diameter: 6"
  • Weight: 36 lbs


More Information
Amps 12 to 48
BTUs 21,849
Powered By Electric
CFM (Max. Airflow) 300 - 400
Brand Provided by Jon-Don
Volts 110/120
Category Electrical Heater
Warranty Information 1 Year Parts and Labor on All Components
5 Years on the Housing
Condition new
Xactimate Code Approved as WTRHTAM @ $230.00 per day
Manual / Schematic
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