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Delmhorst TechScan Non‑Destructive Moisture Meter

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  • Non-penetrating meter
  • Wood Scale: 5%–30% moisture range
  • Reference Scale Reads from 0–100 on a relative basis
  • 3/4-inch depth reading
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Product Information

The next generation of pinless moisture detection technology - The Delmhorst TechScan!


This lightweight, non-destructive moisture meter is ideal for restoration professionals and other contractors who need to quickly cover large areas and note moisture "hot spots" in need of attention. Its advanced RF technology quickly scans wood, drywall, concrete, and other building materials. 


The rugged, one-piece sensor measures moisture up to 3/4” deep without causing any damage. 


The TechScan features two scales, a species correction chart, and an adjustable alarm that alerts you when a pre-selected moisture content is reached. 


The easy-to-read analog display is part of an intuitive user interface that shows readings instantly and clearly.


Plus, the TechScan has been pre-calibrated to minimize false high readings, ensuring you get the most accurate readings possible.


If you need to take readings in hard-to-reach areas, the TechScan has you covered there too. Just freeze your readings on screen for more convenient viewing using the HOLD feature.


The TechScan comes with a sturdy plastic carrying case and 9V battery. Speaking of the battery, this moisture meter also features an auto shut-off timer that saves battery life.



  • Wood Scale - 5%–30% moisture range for wood.
  • Reference Scale - 0–100 color coded reference scale for non-wood building materials
  • Temperature Range: -4–158°F | -20–70°C
  • Dimensions: 5 5/8” x 3 5/16” x 1 1/4”
  • Weight: 8.5 oz
  • 1 year warranty


Here's what our customers have to say...


"[My crew] felt that this meter had a distinct advantage over others when measuring the moisture content (MC) in wood floors. Every home has varying moisture content and other meters have a preset benchmark for the audible alarm to sound.  Let’s say the floors in a home in the unaffected area were 20% MC and the floors were reading 40% in the area that sustained water damage. After drying the hardwood floors (using the HP-60 I purchased from Jon-Don, of course) our target goal is 20%.  This is still high, according to some meters, but we need to reach EMC. By using the Delmhorst meter, we can program the meter to beep when MC is above our benchmark. We like to scoot the meter across the floor with our foot to save wear and tear on our knees so having the adjustable range is a plus.


"We all liked the solid pad with the integrated circuit.  This is a much better design than the rubber pads other meters use. The Delmhorst appears to be a much sturdier made meter. We all feel it will hold up much better and can handle some tough handling. -It is a good, sturdy meter."

- Jeffrey Lindemann




  • Set the scale to “Wood”.
  • The entire sensor plate should be in contact with the surface of the board. The sensor plate measures 2-1/2” x 3-1/2”.
  • Readings obtained with TechScan and pin-less moisture meters in general, are affected by the amount of pressure applied to the material. Apply and maintain uniform, firm pressure to the meter when taking readings. 
  • The meter’s RF signal penetrates to ¾” – 1”. When measuring thinner material the material underneath the wood may influence the readings. If possible place a piece of glass, rubber or styrofoam under the sample to avoid false readings.
  • The meter works best on smooth lumber. Rough, uneven, or cupped boards yield lower readings due to the air pockets between the sensor plate and the surface. Avoid readings on knots or splits.
  • Surface moisture slightly increases the readings. Wipe obvious moisture from the board surface to minimize this effect.
  • The meter is influenced by a moisture gradient but cannot detect it. If you suspect a gradient, use a Delmhorst resistance-type meter with insulated pins to determine if a normal gradient (wet core to drier outer surface) is present or if surface moisture has just soaked into the board. 
  • The “right” moisture content depends on the final use of the wood and is climate-driven. Recommended moisture content for indoor woodworking / furniture ranges from 6%-9%. Outdoor construction grade lumber is usually 19% or less; 10%-15% for safe painting or staining.


Corrections for Specific Gravity (SG)


Measurements obtained with capacitance type moisture meters such as TechScan are greatly influenced by the specific gravity of the material (specifically the wood) being measured. Materials with higher specific gravity produce higher moisture readings than materials with lower specific gravity at the same moisture content. Since TechScan is calibrated for wood at a specific gravity (SG) of 0.46, a correction is required when measuring wood species with SG values other than 0.46 In the owners manual you will find a listing of common species with published average values for SG and also a table to correct meter readings for wood species. Use these values with the knowledge that specific gravity varies within a single species and may even vary within the same board. 



More Information
Brand Delmhorst
Category Moisture Meters, Non-Penetrating
Warranty Information 1 Year
Condition New
Manufacturer Model Number TECHSCANW/CS
Pinless Depth Range 3/4"
Pinless Scale 5% to 30% Wood, 1-100 Numerical Reference
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