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Scanmaskin Scan Combiflex 800 Remote Controlled Floor Grinder

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  • Productivity rates of 750–1,290 square feet per hour 
  • All-steel construction 
  • Tethered joystick and wireless Bluetooth remote for easy operation
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Product Information


The Scan Combiflex 800RC is a heavy-duty remote-controlled grinder that delivers outstanding results on large commercial jobs.  It puts the torque on the floor – not on your hip!


Who should use the Scan Combiflex 800RC?

The Scan Combiflex 800RC is a heavy-duty concrete floor grinder that is ideal for large commercial projects. This machine is intended for professional contractors who specialize in large area surface prep and polishing.


This unit features both an onboard tethered joystick control as well as a wireless Bluetooth remote control that give the operator precise control over the grinding direction and speed. This helps to reduce operator fatigue as well as ensure consistent grinding performance.


The Scan Combiflex 800RC weighs in at 1,014 lbs, features a 32-inch grinding path, which is ideal for making short work of mid to large commercial jobs. 


The Scan Combiflex 800RC is great for wet or dry grinding and polishing of concrete, terrazzo, and natural stone surfaces. But where this machine really shines is in paint, coating, and overlay removal applications.


Although conditions will vary greatly from job to job, most contractors have been pleased to report production rates of around 750 to 1,290 square feet per hour


What are the power options?

The Scan Combiflex 800RCis available in a 230-volt, three-phase configuration or a 480-volt, three phase configuration.

 The 230-volt model will work between 208-240 volts, and the 480-volt model will work between 400-480 volts, giving you flexible power options for fast and easy job setup.


Is it easy to use?

When it comes to using the machine, the controls couldn’t be simpler. Just press the green button to start the machine, and the red button to stop it.


The unit also features an emergency stop button as an extra precaution. The emergency stop button will remain depressed until the operator turns it slightly clockwise to pop it out.


Simple twist knobs control the direction and speed of the spinning heads. You can easily switch the direction of the grinding heads to ensure longer life and even wearing of your diamond tooling. This maximizes their use and saves money in the long run.  You can also adjust the speed between 500 to 1,100 RPMs, letting you dial in the perfect cutting rate. 


The Scan Combiflex 800RC features a tethered joystick for remote operation as well as a wireless Bluetooth remote control. Switching to the wireless remote control is as easy as twisting a knob.


What can you tell me about the remote control?

When it came to choosing a remote control system, we partnered with the best. Akerstorms Industrial designs remote controls that are used in some of the most abusive industrial environments, including steel mills and train yards, as well as harsh outdoor conditions, including rain, snow, and blistering heat and humidity. This isn’t some cheap remote; this is a heavy-duty accessory you can depend on.


Akerstorms Industrial remote controls are extremely durable and give the operator more precise control over traditional wireless joystick systems.


Don’t I need more horsepower?

When it comes to choosing a grinding machine, many contractors mistakenly think that horsepower is most important. Don’t be fooled.


Scanmaskin engineers discovered that most grinding equipment is terribly inefficient. They rely on tension belt systems that need to make up for the loss in power by having larger motors that produce more horsepower. But because of their inefficient design, all that extra power isn’t directed at the floor—it’s also directed at the operator who has to lean against the machine and fight it as it kicks and bucks.


Scanmaskin equipment features a highly efficient patented drive system that uses less horsepower but delivers more torque on the floor—not on your hip!


Why do you make such a big deal about the drive system and grinding heads?

The Scan Combiflex 800RC features some unique engineering that sets it apart from other grinders on the market today.


This unit features a patented three-head planetary drive system. It uses a multi-V belt combined with a gear ring to create a counter-rotating planetary motion that allows the machine to grind at high speeds with heavier head pressure, resulting in increased productivity. Simply put: it’s superior engineering that delivers better results on every job.


The counter-rotating planetary drive system directs all the torque to the floor. Unlike other grinders that make you feel like you’re fighting a bucking bull, the 800RC provides incredibly smooth operation. It’s so smooth, in fact, that you can set your coffee cup on the shroud and it won’t slosh or spill!


The three-head planetary system holds up to 18 tools. Unlike other systems that require a screwdriver, Allen wrench, and hours of struggle to attach tooling, the Scan Combiflex lets you easily tap on and tap off your tools.


Another unique engineering element of the Scan Combiflex 800RC is that the heads feature spring steel disks, not rubber flex systems like most other grinders on the market.


After thorough side-by-side testing, Scanmaskin engineers discovered that the spring steel disks were far superior to the traditional rubber flex systems found on most other grinders. They provide increased durability and better, more consistent grinding. They can be configured to increase or decrease head flexibility as well, something rubber flex discs can’t do.


Spring steel disks are perfect for any type of grinding application, from aggressive surface prep to providing that fine finishing polish.


What maintenance will this machine need?

The Scan Combiflex 800RC is designed to not only be durable, but to also require very little daily maintenance. Scanmaskin machines are designed to work, not to be worked on.


You can expect less downtime and lower maintenance costs for the life of the machine.


Is it easy to transport?

The Scan Combiflex 800RC features large pneumatic wheels that make it easy to move the unit around the job site or wheel it up and down a ramp on a truck.


In the event of a power outage, the SC 800RC also has a built-in battery backup system, which allows for easy transportation without the need for an external power source. Just tilt the unit back and use either the wireless remote control or tethered joy stick to steer it.


Should the battery run dry, the drive wheels can be released for manual movement.


How tough is this machine?

When we describe this machine as durable, we’re not exaggerating.


Unlike other units that feature plastic or fiberglass parts, the Scan Combiflex 800RC is made from solid steel—right down to the dust shroud. This unit resists dents, chips, and cracks, ensuring that it far outlasts the competition.


What about dust control?

Dust can be a major issue for other systems when it comes to dry grinding applications, but not for Scanmaskin equipment. 


All Scanmaskin floor grinders feature a dust shroud made from solid steel. You won’t find duct tape on a Scan Combiflex unit. Unlike other grinders with shrouds made from plastic or fiberglass, our dust shrouds won’t chip or crack, and they do a far superior job of controlling dust and debris.


The Scan Combiflex 800RC also has an adjustable thick rubber dust skirt, so you can position it flush against the floor, creating a better seal.


Lastly, the unit features dual vacuum ports for more efficient dust collection. The vacuum connection port is conveniently located in the back of the machine.


The combination of these features makes for virtual dust-free grinding and polishing. The result is a cleaner work area that takes less time to clean up and is safer for techs and building occupants.



Are you using the right dust collector?



More Information
Volts 230/460
Amps 32 or 16 Amps
Weight 880 lbs
RPMs 500
Brand Scanmaskin
Condition New
Diameter (in.) 32
Powered By Electric
Horsepower 10
Category Floor Grinders
Manufacturer Model Number 800RC
Operating Speeds Variable
Electrical Phase Three
Warranty Information This product from Scanmaskin Sweden AB comes with a twelve month warranty. If the product does not function satisfactorily during this period, Scanmaskin will return the product to full working order for normal use which the product is intended for – with no charge for labor or spare parts, according to the following conditions:

1. The warranty only applies to persons that have legal right to the equipment during the warranty period.

2. The manufacturer's undertaking is limited to the repair of defective parts or the replacement of these according to the manufacturer's assessment. Costs and risks for transport as well as dismantling and reinstallation of the product / products and other direct or indirect costs, associated with the repair in question, are not covered by this warranty.

3. Periodic inspections, adjustments, maintenance work and changes are not covered by the warranty.

4. Scanmaskin is not liable for any damages to grinding discs or other similar equipment. original components, or incorrect use and installation.

5. The warranty only applies to material and design deficiencies and does not apply in the following cases:
a. Damage caused through accidents, carelessness, changes, use of spare parts or grinding tools that are not original components, or incorrect use and installation.
b. Damage caused by lightning, water, fire, vandalism, incorrect mains voltage, incorrect ventilation or other causes that lie outside of the manufacturer's control.

6. Scanmaskin reserves the right to modify the design – or make improvements without obligation to change previously manufactured products.

7. All warranty repairs must be carried out by Scanmaskin or by a Scanmaskin authorized repair workshop. Costs for repairs, carried out by an unauthorized workshop, will not be reimbursed by Scanmaskin. If such repairs damage this product these are not cover by the warranty agreement.
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