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Santa Fe Rx Residential Dehumidifier

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  • Humidistat Controlled
  • Designed for permanent residential humidity and air quality
  • Numerous accessories available
  • LGR design in a Humidity Control Dehumidifier

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Product Information

Intelligent Application-Specific Design 


The Santa Fe Rx was specifically designed for conditioned living spaces that require enhanced air filtration, quiet operation, and automatic condensate removal. Add-on filter options include carbon granules, and HEPA filtration. The internal condensate pump allows the unit to be located virtually anywhere. Heavy duty cabinet design and enhanced insulation ensure quiet and dependable performance.


Energy Star Listed – The Santa Fe Rx only requires 5.4 amps to operate, resulting in lower operating costs – in many cases saving hundreds of dollars per year in electricity.

Superior Air Filtration – MERV-11 filtration is standard on the Santa Fe Rx, capturing particles (including mold spores) down to 1 micron in size. This level of air filtration also keeps the Santa Fe Rx working at peak efficiency longer than most conventional dehumidifiers. If increased filtration is desired, an optional secondary filter housing is offered that can provide HEPA-level filtration. Better, cleaner air for better living.

High Efficiency – The high efficiency Santa Fe Rx produces over 5.2 pints per kilowatt-hour, far better than most conventional dehumidifiers.

Internal Condensate Pump – The Santa Fe Rx was engineered for trouble-free, bucket-free operation.

Large Capacity – The large capacity Santa Fe Rx provides up to 74 pints per day water removal at standard rating conditions*. Largesized spaces (up to 1800 sq. ft.) are no problem for the Santa Fe Rx.

Quiet Operation - The engineers at Therma-Stor designed the cabinet of the Santa Fe Rx for long-life and quiet performance. Enhanced insulation and air flow design make this dehumidifier a superior performer.

Intended Use - The Santa Fe Rx is designed for use in conditioned spaces that will typically stay at or above 70 degrees

Sized For - 1800 sq ft (Assuming 8 ft ceilings)


Eliminating Allergens

Dust mites and mold are the two most common allergens present in higher humidity environments. These allergens do not require liquid water to thrive – they only require environmental humidity levels from 65% to 99% to thrive. Dust mites are most commonly found in upholstered furniture, carpets, and mattresses. 


Mold only requires high humidity and an organic-based material on which to feed. It is no surprise that they are plentiful in humid environments. Cooler surfaces create a perfect breeding area for mold because the relative humidity at the surface will be near 100%. The surface may even be wet with condensation.


Keeping your relative humidity at 50% or less helps control allergens such as mold, mildew and dust mites.


Santa Fe Rx Filtration

Standard air filtration is provided by a pleated polyester and cotton blend media filter located at the air intake at the top of the unit. The efficiency rating of this filter is 65% in the ASHRAE 52-76 Dust Spot Test and MERV-11 in the ASHRAE Dust Spot Test.

The optional HEPA filter is a micro-glass paper mini-pleat filter located in a special housing mounted on the back of the Santa Fe Rx cabinet. The efficiency rating of this filter is 99.97% on the D.O.P. Test.



More Information
CategoryResidential Dehumidifiers
BrandSanta Fe
Water Removal (AHAM)74
Weight130 lbs
Warranty InformationYear 1 - All Components, includes Freight and Labor
Years 2 to 5 - Sealed refrigeration system (condenser, evaporator, compressor), parts only, does not include labor or freight
Manual / Schematic
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