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Our Core Pillars

If you’re working hard to keep everything clean and looking its best, Jon-Don supplies everything you need to get the job done – from microfiber towels to floor grinders to training for your teams.

Your work is tough enough already without having to deal with products that don’t arrive on time, phone calls that don’t get returned, and prices that change without warning. Yet far too often, these are exactly the kinds of issues you run into with your suppliers.

To tackle your toughest jobs, you need a partner with:

Real-World Knowledge  Because buying a scarifier from someone who’s never even seen one is just plain scary.

You’ve got a tough job to do. Whether it’s drying a flooded basement or removing a wine stain from a white carpet or resurfacing a 50,000 square foot warehouse, people are counting on you to get the job done.

Sometimes, the job at hand requires some extra knowledge. But when you can’t count on your supplier—because they either don’t know which products to recommend or don’t know how to use the products they sold you—your job becomes a lot harder. The last thing you need is for someone on the other end of the line to read the ingredients off a label. But you don’t have time to wade through hundreds of reviews either.

With Jon-Don, you get real-world knowledge. Not just someone who can take your order, but someone who can help you figure out what to order in the first place.

Now you can:

  • Speak with tenured employees who have deep technical expertise and jobsite experience
  • Learn more about products before you order with online descriptions that go beyond a part number and price
  • Expand your knowledge with seminars and classes—taught by real subject matter experts—on topics ranging from upholstery cleaning to business planning
  • Provide continuing education for your team with specialized technical guides, comprehensive video training, and helpful how-tos
  • Get helpful, practical advice from your sales rep on which tools you need to be successful and even how to run your business more effectively
  • Confidently expand your work into new areas—from carpet to concrete, janitorial to restoration—backed by the guidance a trusted partner with decades of experience

With real-world knowledge at your fingertips for every order and every decision, now you’ve got the know-how you need to tackle your toughest jobs.

Rolled-Up Sleeves - Because you can’t show someone how to use a concrete joint saw if you’re not willing to get your hands dirty.

Whether it’s cleaning or restoration, carpets or concrete, there’s something satisfying about tackling the jobs that not everyone can do. Yet, those jobs become even tougher if the partners you depend on aren’t willing to roll up their sleeves and lend a hand.

You can’t always predict exactly what you’re going to need and when. It might be a quick demo of the new machine you just bought. A last-minute delivery of some extra supplies for next week. Live troubleshooting for the job you’re on right now. Or a repair for that piece of equipment you bought from another supplier years ago. Whatever it may be, you need a partner who’s willing to get in the trenches with you to get the job done.

With Jon-Don, you get rolled-up sleeves. Not just someone who can sell you a particular machine or supply, but someone who will actually show you how to use it.

Now you can:

  • Get on-site demonstrations and hand-on training for new equipment or products, so you’re productive from day one
  • Get a sales rep who answers their phone so you’re not left in the lurch when you need them the most
  • Receive top-notch customer service whether you’re starting a contracting business from scratch or managing a 200,000 square foot facility
  • Access free technical support when you need it, helping you tackle your toughest jobs more efficiently
  • Bring any equipment in for servicing and repair (no matter where you bought it)—with repair centers at all of our locations nationwide

With a partner who’s willing to roll up their sleeves to help you, you’ve got what it takes to tackle your toughest jobs.

Rock-Solid Reliability - Because you need 20 five-gallon pails of floor finish by Friday at 5:00pm, and you need to know they’ll be there.

It happened again. The order you placed with your supplier still hasn’t arrived. And you were counting on it for a big 50,000-square-foot refinishing job tomorrow. Or you spent hundreds of dollars on cases of new hand soap for your building only to find out the product you were sold is for a different dispenser. And you can’t return it.

Then there are the haphazard price changes. The endless out-of-stock notifications. The broken promises. With all the plates you’re spinning and problems you’re solving, the last thing you need is for your supplier to create more problems.

With Jon-Don, you get rock-solid reliability. Not just someone who says they’ll be there for you, but someone who proves it with honest answers, upfront pricing, and a money-back guarantee.

Now you can:

  • Know you’re always getting a straight answer—not just the one your supplier wants you to hear—because we don’t skirt the truth to make a sale
  • Know that you’re always getting a fair price—without having to spend hours scouring the web for a deal—because we don’t play pricing games with you
  • Know that you can always buy with confidence—because we offer the best 30-day guarantee in the industry
  • Know that the regularly stocked item you see for sale is always available—because we won’t tell you it’s in stock if it isn’t
  • Know that the order you place before 5:00pm will always go out the same day—because when we say same-day shipping, we actually mean it
  • Know that when you call for help, you’ll always talk to someone who knows what they’re talking about—because that’s how we define customer service

When you can count on your supplier to stand behind their products and their word, it’s a whole lot easier to tackle your toughest jobs.