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Mastic, Oil and Glue Removal Chemicals

Carpet adhesive, mastic residue, tar, thick glue, grease, and oil are some of the most common and most challenging concrete contaminants to remove. Jon-Don is fully stocked with the right products to remove these substances and more from concrete.

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  1. PROSOCO Consolideck® LSKlean
    PROSOCO Consolideck® LSKlean

    LSKlean contains a lithium-silicate hardener/densifier that maintains concrete hardness as it cleans. LSKlean ensures the highest appearance and performance standards for all indoor concrete flatwork.

    • Use 1–2 times per week on polished concrete for best results
    • pH: 11.0
    • Cleans and degreases
    • Conditions and densifies polished concrete

    Starting at $3.68

  2. PROSOCO Consolideck® SafEtch® (5 GL)
    PROSOCO Consolideck® SafEtch® (5 GL)

    When you're dealing with textured concrete plagued by excess mortar, embedded oil, grease, efflorescence, and dirt, you need Consolideck SafEtch! Specially formulated to handle the toughest smears and soiling, SafEtch will clean and prepare the surface more effectively.

    • 70% more effective than citric and glycolic acids!
    • 50% more effective than phosphoric acid!
    • Low odor; non-fuming
    • Safe for most metal surfaces
  3. PROSOCO Consolideck® Cleaner/Degreaser
    PROSOCO Consolideck® Cleaner/Degreaser

    An environmentally responsible alternative to industrial degreasing solvents, Consolideck Cleaner/Degreaser is specially formulated to cut through and emulsify greasy fuel and oil residues, adhesive tape residues, paint residues, rubber tire marks and scuffs, and atmospheric soiling on concrete floors.

    • Cuts through greasy, oily residue on concrete floors
    • Safer alternative to traditional solvents and harsh acids
    • pH: 8.0–9.0
    • Highly concentrated; dilute 4 parts product to 200 parts water
    • Non-flammable and water soluble

    Starting at $75.06

  4. PROSOCO Consolideck® Cure & Seal Remover (5 GL)
    PROSOCO Consolideck® Cure & Seal Remover (5 GL)

    Consolideck Cure & Seal Remover from Prosoco removes the toughest high-solids cure and seals from concrete flatwork. Prepares concrete floors and exterior flatwork for hardening and densifying or other penetrating protective treatments, as well as grinding, polishing and staining.

    • Removes tough high-solids cure and seals
    • Prepares concrete floors for densifying
    • Easy to use
  5. PROSOCO Consolideck® Wax & Cure Remover (5 GL)
    PROSOCO Consolideck® Wax & Cure Remover (5 GL)

    Easy-to-use Consolideck Wax & Cure Remover quickly removes a variety of floor waxes and acrylics—including cure and seals—from concrete. Treated surfaces are left free of old coatings that can block treatments from penetrating, or clog up the heads on grinding and polishing equipment.

    • Quickly removes floor waxes and acrylics from concrete floors
    • Prepares floors for hardening, densifying, grinding, and polishing
    • Low odor; safe for interior use
    • Will not affect concrete color
    • Complies with all current VOC regulations
  6. PROSOCO Consolideck® PreKlean Concrete Cleaner
    PROSOCO Consolideck® PreKlean Concrete Cleaner

    Consolideck PreKlean is a concentrated cleaner designed to remove laitance and residual surface salts often associated with blanket curing on newly installed concrete floors.

    • Removes laitance and salts left by blanket curing on new concrete floors
    • Highly concentrated
    • pH: 4.8
    • No odor
    • Apply through an auto scrubber

    Starting at $221.95

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