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Carpet Encapsulation and Bonnet Cleaning Chemicals

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Solutions

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  1. Chemspec® EncapBrite II™
    Chemspec® EncapBrite II™

    Chemspec EncapBrite II is a mild acid pH encapsulating cleaner that uses the power of hydrogen peroxide to remove spots, spills, and stains. Specifically developed for interim maintenance and low moisture cleaning methods, EncapBrite II encapsulates soils and dries to an easy-to-vacuum crystalline powder.

    • Uses hydrogen peroxide to remove spots and spills
    • Designed for interim maintenance 
    • pH: 7.4
    • Dries to easy-to-vacuum powder
    • Variable dilutions

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  2. Chemspec® EncapBrite™
    Chemspec® EncapBrite™

    EncapBrite from Chemspec is formulated for fast and effective low-moisture cleaning. This easy-to-use product quickly surrounds dirt and oil, then dries fast to a brittle crystal that is easily vacuumed away, leaving carpets fresh and clean.

    • Low-moisture formulation
    • Fast drying
    • pH: 9.9
    • Vacuums up easily
    • Variable dilutions

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  3. Chemspec® EncapBrite SR
    Chemspec® EncapBrite SR

    Chemspec has combined two proven performers in a single product. EncapBrite SR gives you the superior bonnet cleaning power of EncapBrite SR plus the outstanding protection of "soil-resistant" retardant in one easy-to-use formula.

    • One-step, high-quality cleaning performance
    • Clean 2,000–3,000 sq ft per hour
    • pH: 8.5
    • Safe for stain-resistant carpet and wool
    • Dilute 12 ounces per gallon of water

    Starting at $46.43

  4. Chemspec® One Earth Carpet Cleaner and Rinse
    Chemspec® One Earth Carpet Cleaner and Rinse

    One Earth Carpet Cleaner and Rinse cleans without the use of synthetic surfactant chemistry. The unique formulation turns all soils and surfactant residues into free rinsing soaps for fast, complete removal. This product is also an ideal rinse aid to neutralize alkali or acid residues from carpets and upholstery.

    • No synthetic surfactant chemistry
    • Works great for use in low-moisture machines
    • pH: 9.5
    • Safe for stain-resistant carpet and wool
    • Variable dilutions

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