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Certified® Pile Brush

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  • Sweeps and vacuums carpet simultaneously
  • Reduces the frequency of deep cleaning wet extraction
  • Sand trap collects larger particles
  • Dual-motor system
  • Heavy outer canvas bag
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Product Information

The Only Dry Extraction Machine in the Industry!


This isn't an ordinary vacuum cleaner! The Certified Pile Brush is a dry extraction machine that can extend the time between wet extraction cleanings. It thoroughly removes even the most deeply embedded soiling, keeping carpets looking cleaner longer. 


The Pile Brush simultaneously sweeps and vacuums carpets for a deep down, thorough clean. It features a powerful 15" brush with an impressive 4.5" diameter. It reaches into the base of the carpet fibers, loosening and removing embedded, caked-on dirt.


All recovered particulate matter is swept into the sand trap area. From there, the vacuum motor pulls smaller particles into the vacuum bag, leaving heavier debris, such as pebbles, sand, and paper clips in the sand trap. This process protects the vacuum motor from damage and ensures more efficient operation of the machine. The sand trap can be easily cleaned out at the end of every job.


Dry extraction is a preferred method of interim maintenance for commercial areas for many reasons. First, dry soil is much easier to remove than wet soil. In addition, there is no down time after cleaning, and no wet or slippery carpet either. Building occupants can continue to use the area immediately after dry extraction. With no solution tanks to fill or waste tanks to empty, dry extraction is fast and easy.


Regular use of the Pile Brush helps to remove and restore the appearance of traffic lanes, making them look more uniform with the surrounding carpeted areas. It also helps to improve indoor air quality by removing particles in the carpet that can become airborne and irritate airways.


When it is time to perform deep cleaning wet extraction on the carpet, you'll find that chemicals perform better and labor is reduced. This is because deeply embedded soil has been removed on a regular basis and not allowed to accumulate.


The Certified® Pile Brush is perfect for high traffic areas, heavy pivot points in hallways, in front of desks and entrances to buildings, as well as in front of elevator areas. It is approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute for soil removal, dust containment, and appearance retention.



  • Dual Motor System: One motor drives a 4.5 inch diameter vegetable or nylon brush and a new quieter motor drives the vacuum.
  • Dual Filtration: The outer bag is made of Heavy C-Tex™ material (collection efficienct 97.25% at 0.3 microns). The inner bag insery has a collection efficiencey of 90% at 0.5 microns. 
  • Top fill bag design results in 80% bag efficience with 840 cubic inches of dirt holding capacity.
  • Sand Trap: Collects larger particles, and allows just find dry particulate to pass through the vacuum motor into the paper bag insert. 
  • Solid die cast aluminum construction
  • Self-leveling base: There is no need to adjust for different sizes or kinds of carpet pile. 
  • Transmission: Brush drive is positive and geared to motor to ensure continuous brush action even when pile is high or badly matted.
  • Brush: Certified solid spiral brush has gentle grooming action. It does not break, cut, or pull pile loop. It does not mat and is self-cleaning. Only Certified permits reversing of brush for longer wear. Also available with tufted nylon brush.
  • Portable: The Certified Pile Brush is around the same size as a regular vacuum and can be wheeled up a flight of stairs.


More Information
Cord Length 50 ft.
Horsepower 0.5
Brand Certified
Category Pile Lifters
Condition new
Manufacturer Model Number PILE LIFTER
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