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Arizona Polymer Flooring Epoxy 100 Water Based Clear Epoxy, 25 GL Kit

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Arizona Polymer Flooring Epoxy 100 Water Based Clear Epoxy, Part A (5 GL)
Item # EX-AP100WBA-05
Mfr. Model # EPOXY 100 PART A 5
5 Gallon    Qty: 1
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Arizona Polymer Flooring Epoxy 100 Water Based Clear Epoxy, Part B (5 GL)
Item # EX-AP100WBB-05
Mfr. Model # EPOXY 100 PART B 5
5 Gallon    Qty: 1
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  • For professional use only
  • Great as general purpose coating or epoxy primer
  • Pre-measured kit for easy mixing
  • VOC compliant
  • Must order 4 of Part A and 1 of Part B for full kit

Product Information

Epoxy 100 is a two component water-based epoxy system that features ease of application, very low odor, and excellent overall coating performance. This material cures blush-free over a wide range of temperatures and adheres tenaciously to a variety of substrates including damp or wet concrete. Because of its affinity for moisture and inherent alkalinity resistance, Epoxy 100 may be used over green concrete with proper surface preparation. 


Epoxy 100 is used as a general-purpose coating for concrete floors and as a primer under epoxy, polyurethane, and acrylic materials. The raw material package has a 30-year history of success as a concrete coating. Epoxy 100 is recommended for coating warehouse and factory floors, automotive repair facilities, residential garage floors, and many other commercial and industrial maintenance applications.


Surface Preparation

Concrete must be cured 7 days and be clean, structurally sound, and free of wax, loose paint or curing compounds. Surface may be damp, but standing water should be removed. Concrete should be shot blasted, acid etched, or diamond ground to achieve a minimum 5 mil profile. If acid etched, use of a floor machine with a nylogrit brush is required. Do not allow the etching solution to dry on the concrete. Etched surface must be thoroughly rinsed. Pressure washing after etching is ideal. Do not neutralize with a base material. Carefully follow the guidelines listed in the Arizona Polymer Flooring Surface Preparation Manual. If surface is prepared by diamond grinding, grind thoroughly to “open up” the surface. Vacuum concrete dust and rinse surface well. Previously coated surfaces must be mechanically cleaned and abraded with steel wool or 80 grit sandpaper.


Mixing Instructions

Mix only that amount of material that can be used in a 2-3 hour period. In very hot weather, it is advisable to mix smaller batches to ensure good flow and workability. Because color change can occur as mixed material advances into its pot life, when using as a pigmented finish coat, mix only that amount of material than can be used in 1 hour. Premix Part A before blending with Part B. Combining ratio is 4 Parts A to 1 Part B. Proportion the amounts carefully and mix for 2 full minutes using a low speed drill, scraping the bottom and sides of the mixing vessel. 15-20% water must be added to achieve a low application viscosity. 


Application Recommendations

Epoxy 100 is normally applied at a rate of 200-350 sq. ft. per gallon by brush, roller, or airless spray. If using as a primer and trapped air in the substrate creates bubbles, continued rolling will cause them to disappear. Epoxy 100 should normally be recoated after an overnight cure period. However, if conditions are very cool and/or damp, 48 hours cure time should be allowed before recoating. If the product cures longer than 72 hours, the surface should be lightly sanded before recoating. When using a pigmented finish coat, keep a “wet edge” and do not attempt to roll over material that has begun to set as a change in color will result.


Handling Precautions

Use only with adequate ventilation. An appropriate cartridge-type respirator must be used during application in confined areas. Avoid contact with skin; wear protective gloves. Read Material Safety Data Sheet before using. Slip and Fall Precautions, OSHA, and the American Disabilities Act (ADA) have now set enforceable standards for slip resistance on pedestrian surfaces. The current coefficient of friction required by ADA is .6 on level surfaces and .8 on ramps. Arizona Polymer Flooring recommends the use of angular slip resistant aggregate in all coatings or flooring systems that may be exposed to wet, oily or greasy conditions. It is the contractor and end users’ responsibility to provide a flooring system that meets current safety standards.


Return Policy:  

To ensure product consistency and quality, Jon-Don cannot accept returns of epoxy products.




More Information
Brand Arizona Polymers
Category Epoxy and Polymer Flooring Resin
Type Epoxy
Max Coverage Per Gallon 400
VOC Level None
solids (%) 51
Condition New