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Aero Tech DDS Stainless Steel Edition Truck Mount with Vacuum and Solution Hose Reel

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  • Can be installed in either 4.3L or 6.6L 2021 Chevy/GMC gas engines
  • Stainless Steel will not rust
  • Advanced vacuum design
  • Direct drive system
  • Advanced 6-pass heat exchanger up to 250°F
  • Dual-wand capability

Product Information

Yes! We can install in new 2021 or earlier Chevy/GMC Vans!

Compatible with Either 4.3L, 6.6L or 6.0L Gas Engines




The AeroTech stainless steel Direct Drive System was built to be the best. Engineered from the ground up to deliver the maximum level of heat and vacuum pressure to provide cleaner, dryer carpets. The DDS is built to last longer than any other truck mount, requires less maintenance and repair, all while producing the best results for your customers.



The DDS was designed with the value of your business in mind. Made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, this machine won't rust or ugly-out, providing a clean, sleek, more professional look for your customers. Not only will the stainless steel remove the worry of unsightly rust, but you also won't have to worry about chipped paint or scratched powder-coating.


Because it is made of stainless steel, it requires less maintenance and repairs, saving you costly time and money.


The list of stainless steel parts includes the waste tank, external strainer basket, coolant heat exchanger, blower exhaust heat exchanger, hose reels, covers, driveline cover, brackets, temperature sender, and many others.



Featuring the first-ever stainless steel heat exchanger, the DDS is built to resist clogging. With the large, stainless steel interior tubes of the heat exchanger, debris easily flows through the air stream, relieving the system of back pressure. With this advanced engineering, the DDS provides cleaning temperatures of 250 F (and sometimes more) at the wand tip, a whole 40 to 50 degrees hotter than the competition!


And unlike other heat exchangers made of other elements, the DDS utilizes its stainless steel to get hot and STAY hot! Therefore, with higher cleaning solution temperatures, the cleaning chemical reactions are stronger, which means less agitation is necessary to clean the carpet, saving you wear and tear on your body.



When you're looking to dry carpets fast, you'll need to get the most out of your vacuum system. If your vacuum doesn't perform at peak levels, you will be forced to pass over the same area more often, adding costly time to each job.


To maximize vacuum performance, the DDS uses a Gardner Denver Heliflow Blower, the quietest blower in the industry, and an open-flow design with round aerodynamic waste tanks made from high-gauge stainless steel that will never collapse. The end result is fewer wand passes for cleaner carpet that dries faster.



To say the waste tanks have been engineered to last is an understatement. Made of smooth stainless steel that resists corrosion, the dual waste tanks are round with no baffles to ensure no dirt or debris will stick to the surface and/or clog the tanks. The innovative round design makes the tanks more aerodynamic, helping to resist collapsing, and also maximizing the CFM and airflow.


The waste tanks were also designed with a beveled, coned bottom that forces 100% of all debris and wastewater to drain from the tanks even on a sloped driveway. Other waste tanks will not allow all dirt and debris to fully drain, which is what causes that awful stench you've come to know all too well from your waste tanks. The DDS has solved this foul issue for you.


The waste tank filter is round, made of stainless steel, and engineered with a slip-fit socket and spring-loaded arm to secure the filter in place. Its round design makes the filter stronger, resists collapsing, and prevents the blower and blower exchanger from clogging. It's highly efficient, easy to change out, and extremely low maintenance.            


Along with all of that, the one-piece waste tank gasket is strong and resists leaks in order to help ensure strong vacuum performance, and is also easy to replace.



Both the vacuum and solution hose reels are made of stainless steel and were designed to prevent slippage. The vacuum hose reel has been double-welded to the body of the waste tank and the solution hose reel was built with a drum lock and drum tension block to ensure both reels work the exact way you need them to every single time. No slippage and extra work for you while on jobs.


Being made of stainless steel also ensures the hose reels won't ever corrode, they'll resist moisture, and won't require maintenance and repair over time. That is the type of reliability you need when out on the job all day and night!


The gearbox was also designed to be maintenance-free. With nothing to adjust or maintain, no chains to oil or grease, and no belts that wear out and need to be replaced, you won't have to worry about costly downtime or extraneous manual labor when a reel breaks down on a job because it never will.


The DDS was also designed with your safety as a top priority. With nothing exposed and no belt guards to remember placing, you and your techs will be protected from injury.



With the vacuum hose stored above the machine and the notched design of the waste tanks resting against the side of the truck, you'll have plenty of open space available in the back of your truck for tools and equipment you'll need while out on the job!


And with the driveline designed to go through the engine dog house, you won't lose your cup holders and center console area, allowing you to keep your personal and professional items to be readily accessible.


Also, with the heat exchangers located on the rear of the unit, the heat from the system is directed to the back of the vehicle away from the driver, providing a cooler, more comfortable drive.


Key Specifications:

  • Power plant - Direct Drive with 7-inch clutch and 482 degrees rated U-Joints
  • Vacuum Pump - Gardner Denver Heliflow 408 Vacuum at 12" Hg and flows up to 458 CFM
  • Solution Pump - General PEHT2010S with electric clutch 1,200 PSI, 4.0 GPM
  • Waste Tank - Waste Tank with shutoff, 100-gallon Stainless Steel (shut off 93 gallons)
  • Heat Exchanger - Stainless Steel Tube and Shell, Engine Coolant and Blower Exhaust Heat Exchangers, up to 250 F


The AeroTech Direct Drive System truck mount was truly engineered to add great value to your business. The ROI on the DDS is unmatched by any other truck mount on the market! Make sure you get the most out of your dollars with a longer-lasting unit with less maintenance and downtime. Don't tackle your next tough job without a DDS in your truck!  


Your Truck Mount Equipment Specialists

At Jon-Don, we know that our truck mount carpet cleaning equipment department plays a big part in making your company a success. With years of experience, our staff knows what works, and who it works for. They've learned this over the years by sitting down and talking one-on-one with carpet cleaning and restoration professionals who come in looking for answers. The professionals they've helped walk away with a lot of great, in-depth information to think about.

After our Truck Mount Equipment Department has a good understanding of what you expect from your truck mount, they'll suggest a few options for you to consider. They'll talk to you about the advantages, and yes, the disadvantages too, of all the different carpet cleaning systems you have to choose from. This gives you a more defined vision of what you will need. You'll be able to see all the positives and negatives, and then make an informed choice based on your knowledge.

Customer Testimonials


The heat and dry this machine produces are on another level. My favorite feature would have to be the stainless steel tanks… they clean out way to easy! This means no smelly build up on waste tank walls anymore... Mark and the Team at Jon-Don Tampa were a pleasure to work with and they made purchase super easy. I highly recommend this unit.

Brandon Byrd
S and B Quality Cleaning


The Aero Tech DDS is by far the most powerful carpet cleaning machine I have ever used. I figure it has saved my efforts in labor by about 25% on every job. I have about 250 hours on this machine now, and it has never failed to operate at maximum potential and has already earned its value back.

Also a shout out to the install crew at Jon-Don. This machine was expertly installed in my new van with much care and precision to my exact specifications.

Robert D. Soto,
ValuMax Professional Services Inc


I have owned several versions of direct drive truck mounts, but none are as well-built as the Aero Tech DDS. The DDS is hotter (it holds heat even at high pressure), has more suction, and can withstand the daily use of employees. It has quality components that hold up well and can be sourced locally if needed. Other machines don't drain as well as the DDS, and they can leave a certain smell in the van. The DDS drains completely, so you won't get that rancid smell from pet urine jobs in the cabin. Did I mention that maintenance is super easy too?

Joeseph Pais
Up Front HoMe Service



More Information
Application Carpet
Heating System Heat Exchange
Category Truck Mounts
Wand Capacity Dual
Brand Aero Tech
PSI 1200
Condition new
Manufacturer Model Number INV-JD-DDS-REV A