Xtract Melamine Floor Pad

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Xtract Melamine Floor Pad
  • 100% open-cell melamine foam
  • Cleans floors without removing floor finish
  • Excellent for removing stubborn black marks
  • Even cleans shallow grout lines
  • Be sure to completely saturate pad during use
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Xtract Melamine Floor Pad, 17 Inch (5 PK)

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Xtract Melamine Floor Pad, 20 Inch (5 PK)

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Product Information

XTRACT melamine floor pads get floors clean—even removing heavy, stubborn dirt and black heel marks—without removing the floor finish. These pads will even clean shallow grout lines! No harsh chemicals are needed, just water and a low-pH or green cleaner.


XTRACT melamine floor pads are made using the original BASF open-cell melamine foam, laminated to nonwoven material made of 100% recycled polyester fibers. The high-quality construction produces superior cleaning results on multiple types of floors, including VCT, terrazzo, tile, polished concrete, and epoxy-coated floors.


The secret to the XTRACT pad’s effectiveness is in the friction it produces. This specially designed pad must be used completely saturated. Hitting the floor with a spray bottle just isn’t enough, the pad and area must really be wet. This reduces drag, but provides the perfect amount of friction to eliminate dirt without damaging the finish or topcoat.


When used on smooth surfaces, the life expectancy of this pad is up to 5,000 sq ft. Pad life and longevity is reduced when use on uneven surfaces or when solely focused on grout lines.


XTRACT should be used on standard speed machines, oscillating machines, or auto scrubbers. The melamine cannot handle the RPMs generated with a UHS machine. 



Directions for Use:


The incredible cleaning properties of melamine foam create an unusually high level of friction when introduced to the floor. It is important to add water, a neutral cleaning solution or a degreaser to both the floor pad and to the floor in order to reduce friction upon startup

  • Apply non woven pad driver side of melamine floor pad to floor cleaning machine, white melamine side facing down toward floor
  • Be sure to check machine pressure to avoid premature wear of pad
  • Avoid rough uneven surfaces which can wear out pad quickly


Brand Americo
Color White
Center Hole Size 3
Category Floor Pads
Condition New