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OdorX Thermo-55 Tabac-Attack

  • Permanently removes tobacco-related odors
  • Ready-to-use, solvent-based formula
  • VOC compliant
  • Treats 128,000 cubic feet
  • Not for use in Electro-Gen 2000
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OdorX Thermo-55 Tabac-Attack (1 GL)

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OdorX Thermo-55 Tabac-Attack (4 GL)

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OdorX Thermo-55 Tabac-Attack

Tabac-Attack from Unsmoke is designed to permanently remove tobacco-related smoke odors. Tabac-Attack deodorizes materials and surfaces by reversing the ways by which materials become malodorous.


Tobacco odors are caused by the accumulation of odorous tobacco-related residues on surfaces. Residues from burning tobacco products form odorous coatings on materials that slowly releases odors. These residues build up and accumulate over time. Heavy smoking over a long period of time results in stubborn and severe tobacco-related smoke odor. Tabac-Attack instantly counteracts tobacco-related smoke odors on most surfaces.

Suggested Uses:

  • Fiber Cleaning: Add 1-2 oz of concentrate per gallon of extraction or shampoo solutions. Reapply after cleaning for additional freshening effect. 
  • Mopping Solutions: Add 1-2 oz of concentrate per gallon to water based mopping solution. 
  • Laundry: Add 1-2 oz per 8 pound load to remove odors and freshen.
  • Odor Control Additive: Add 1-2 oz of concentrate per gallon to water based cleaning solutions.
  • General Purpose Air Freshener: Dilute with water to desired concentration and spray upwards in a fine mist. Apply routinely for total odor control.
  • Water Receptacles: Apply full strength before cleaning. Spray lightly with full strength deodorant periodically for effective odor control. 
  • Furnace/Air Conditioners: Add 4-6 oz of deodorant to a pail of warm water and wash interior and spray onto filters and into vents periodically for effective odors control. 
  • Restrooms: Apply full strength in and around urinals and toilets as needed.
  • Automotive and RV uses: Dilute with water to desired concentration and spray lightly on to absorbent surfaces, spray into heater/air conditioner exhaust ports periodically for effective odor control.
  • Truck Mounted Cleaning Equipment: Add 1-4 cups of concentrate to detergent holding tank. 


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Brand ProRestore
Application Method Thermal Fog
Chemical Type Solvent Based
Product Type Liquid
Scent Menthol
pH None
Category Deodorizers
Condition new