Ultimate 340 LGR Dehumidifier

Item # OE-ULT340-EA

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Ultimate 340 LGR Dehumidifier

Item # OE-ULT340-EA

Each    Qty: 1

Price: $2,459.00

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  • 148 pints water removal at AHAM (80°/60% Rh)
  • Max water removal of 292 pints
  • 340 CFM
  • 10.0 amps
  • 20 gauge stainless steel with large recessed wheels

Product Information

The Ultimate 340 puts more water in the bucket, so you can get jobs done faster, and get back out in the field to make more money.


The Ultimate 340 is one of the top dehumidifiers on the market today. It pulls the most water per kilowatt throughout the entire drying job - not just on day one, but also on day three and day four. Add to that, it's got an incredible list of new key features that make it one of the most user-friendly units available:


A removable power cord can be detached and stored safely out of the way, or quickly replaced in the field.


A shorter, recessed water hose is located in the back of the unit. It won't get caught in doorways and it resists shearing.


A balanced design makes this unit extremely easy to maneuver. So easy, in fact, that it feels 50 pounds lighter than other LGRs in its class.


A defrost indicator light lets you know when the unit is in defrost mode so you can be sure to get accurate psychrometric readings.


Solid-state control mechanisms give you the ability to log total use hours and even individual job hours, a great way to determine if someone is turning off your equipment.


The airflow outlet is positioned low to the ground, so this unit used 340 CFM to direct dehumidified air across wet flooring, actually speeding up the drying job!


Large recessed wheels save 4" of storage space per unit on the truck and add to the exceptional maneuverability of this unit.


No sharp edges, all edges are rolled to minimize cut and pinched fingers when moving.


Safety Switch Pump - Research has shown that most repairs and problems with commercial LGR dehumidifiers happen when the float switch sticks, causing secondary damage from the unit not pumping or leaking. The Ultimate 340 has a safety switch pump that shuts down the compressor if the unit is not able to self-purge.


Unique design features no squared edges that can damage drywall if hit.


A hinged lid folds all the way back allowing for easy access to change filters or install aftermarket products.


Built-in clips at the top of the unit match up to fit and secure the Phoenix solution amplifier.


    • Power: 9.6 amps, 115V

Water removal AHAM (80°F/60%RH):

    148 pints
  • Process air (max.): 340 CFM, floor-level outlet
  • Programmable Humidistat: For specialty drying jobs
  • Filter type: 16” x 20” x 2” Pleated Media
  • Dimensions: 40” × 20.25” × 22”
  • Weight: 136 lbs
  • Drain hose: 33 ft
  • Power cord: 25 ft
  • Construction: 20 gauge stainless steel with large recessed wheels


Here's what Ultimate 340 customers have to say...


"Just a quick note on how pleased we are with the new Ultimate 340 Dehumidifiers.  Although they weigh the same as our current dehumidifiers, they are much better balanced.  Our technicians greatly appreciate the fact that they are easily maneuverable.  We did a side-by-side comparison with our current model and the performance of the 340 was vastly superior.  The humidity control allows us to service a wider range of environments.  As you know, we ordered a fair amount of the 340s. Thank you for the continued excellent service that you provide."

- Joe Meyers | Hammer Restoration


"I had a water loss and decided to put the 340 to the test in a flooded basement. I've been doing this work for a while and have a pretty good idea how long it takes using conventional dehus. 'How long will it take,' is the question on every homeowner's mind. It's dry when it's dry, but give me three days and we'll see how it's progressing. I figured the job would be five. In three days, this job was completely bone dry. The walls, the floor, everything. I'll never go back to the old stuff."

- Frankie Chocolate | Beyond Carpet Cleaning


"The Ultimate 340 dehumidifier is instant! The guys love it. During our little spending spree this last week, we happened to buy just about every type of dehumidifier sold. The consensus is in. The guys LOVE the 340! The absolutely prefer it over every single other dehu we had and rented!"

- Greg Cole | Professional Carpet and Upholstery



Xactimate Category: Extra Large (XL)

Xactimate Code: WTRDHM>>



Category LGR Refrigerant Dehumidifiers
Brand Provided by Jon-Don
Amps 10.0
Volts 110/120
Water Removal (AHAM) 148 pints
Weight 136 lbs
Warranty Information Year 1 - All Components, includes Freight and Labor
Years 2 to 5 - Sealed refrigeration system (condenser, evaporator, compressor), parts only, does not include labor or freight
Condition new
Xactimate Code WTRDHM>> Xactimate Category: Extra Large (XL)